Your Vibrant Family Online Video Courses and At-Home Discovery Packets Terms and Conditions:

I understand that all Your Vibrant Family Online Course electronic and print materials (including all videos, At-Home Discovery Packets and any supplemental material) is copyrighted and therefore may not be shared in digital, print (or any other form) whatsoever. These videos and class materials represent a large investment of ongoing time, energy and financial resources, and therefore, I promise to not plagiarize or share these resources in any way with others. I understand that if I am found in violation, I will be processed to the full extent of the United States copyright laws.

These classes are not taught by a medical health professional; therefore, I understand that any information suggested therein is not to be taken as professional medical advice but as entertainment/encouragement from one homeschool mom to another. I understand that Vibrant Homeschooling Online Course Instructor Alicia Michelle makes no claim to “fix” or remedy specific homeschooling conditions, but to simply offer advice and suggestions based on her own homeschooling experience. I understand and agree that any advice or actions suggested in class are merely suggestions, and as such, I take full responsibility for the result of my implementation of any ideas, inspirations, suggestions, guidelines, or other “bloom” class principles. Therefore I release Alicia Michelle from any legal action resulting from negative occurrences (either mental or physical) that may occur (either with me or other members of my family) after receiving information or advice given in any Vibrant Homeschooling course. I understand that I may choose to take or leave any class advice, information, comments or class material found in the videos, At-Home Discovery Packets or other supplemental materials and that I am fully responsible for my own interpretation and implementation of any class advice, information, comments found in the videos, At-Home Discovery Packets, or other supplemental materials.

I understand that, while this class is open and accessible to members of any religious affiliation or background, these courses may mention Bible verses and scriptural principles (Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved). By purchasing access to any Your Vibrant Family Online Course, I understand and accept this to be a part of the class, regardless of my personal religious beliefs or convictions. In addition, I understand that Your Vibrant Family Online Course Instructor Alicia Michelle offers this information in gentleness and love (without any condemnation or judgement) and therefore, I agree to not sue or hold liable Your Vibrant Family Online Course Instructor Alicia Michelle for including this information in course videos, At-Home Discovery Packets or any other class materials (including email communication, information on the Facebook forums or in other print or electronic forms). I also understand that I will not receive a class refund simply because of my dislike of the inclusion of the Bible verses and scriptural principles present in any Your Vibrant Family Online Course because I am being made aware of their inclusion now.

I understand that as a Your Vibrant Family course participant I have lifetime access to course materials (all videos, At-Home Discovery Packets and other supplemental class materials).

I also understand that I will have lifetime access to the applicable private Facebook group for my course unless my privileges are revoked by the private Facebook group administrator for reasons such as plagiarism, slander, profanity, pornography, or for any other reason determined by the group administrator. I also understand that the purpose of the group is to ask questions, and to encourage and be encouraged by other course participants. I will not advertise/promote any outside resources unless given express permission by the Facebook group administrator. As a member of the Your Vibrant Family community, I will do my best to share respectfully and politely with others, especially around sensitive topics. Violators of any of these conditions will be immediately removed from the group, at the group administrator’s discretion.

I understand that course refunds are made only within 15 days of purchase. I understand that a refund within the first 15 days will be given only if I find that the course itself or instructor did not deliver on the promise to provide encouraging, valuable content relevant to the outlined course topics. I further understand and agree that, while this course is open to anyone of any religious affiliation, I am aware that this course contains references to Bible verses, to the Trinity, to scriptural principles and therefore I understand that I will not receive a course refund simply because I was not aware that these ideologies are present in the course.