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Incredible Bible Verses About God’s Love
Need to read some Bible verses about God's love? There are times (especially on those really rough days) that we[...]
Ultimate List of Bible Verses About Love
Looking for Bible verses on love? Thankfully there are hundreds of love Bible verses--everything from Bible verses on love in[...]
6 Huge Goal Setting Mistakes (and How to Prevent Them)
Do you set goals each year (perhaps around New Years) and aren't able to meet them? Trust me, I know[...]
10 Inspirational Quotes for Goal Setting (Free Printables)
Inspirational quotes are a wonderful idea for anyone setting goals. Motivational inspirational quotes can help us find endurance and perseverance[...]

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Free Essential Oil Uses Cheat Sheet (Perfect for Moms)
Do you have questions about essential oils uses? I have to admit that I was totally overwhelmed by essential oils (and[...]
Free SMART Goals Worksheet
Perhaps you’ve heard of the power of  SMART goal setting: Planning goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely?[...]
What is SMART Goal Setting?
Whether it’s New Years or anytime you’re ready for a fresh start, goal setting is always a good idea. Time[...]
Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Fast
Are you looking for the best home remedies for a cold? As a mom of four kids, I've had many[...]
Why Acceptance Is the Secret to Effective Goal Setting
Here's a surprising word that's the secret to effective goal setting: Acceptance. What? How can acceptance help with goal setting? Yes.[...]
The Secret to Goal Motivation (It’s Not Just Pushing Harder)  
Here's what I've learned about goal motivation and endurance: it's all about pacing yourself. In running terms, effective goal setting[...]
How to Develop a House Cleaning Schedule That Works
Want to know how to establish a house cleaning schedule for your family... that actually works? Then you're in the right place! Let's talk[...]
How to Choose to Praise God During a Life Crisis
It has been said that we're all either going into a life crisis, in the midst of a life crisis,[...]
How to Organize Your Kids School Papers (for Good!)
  Do you have stacks of adorable kids artwork piling up everywhere? You know, stacks of priceless treasures from your kids that[...]
How to Free Yourself from Guilt and Shame
In John 8:1-11 we read about a women who found herself caught in the act of adultery. She was guilty.[...]
How to Have a Daily Quiet Time with God
If you really want to know God and to grow deeper in a relationship with Him, the best way is[...]
3 Secrets to a Daily Quiet Time Habit
Maybe you agree that a quiet time with God is important... but you have no idea how to create a[...]
My Favorite Women’s Bible Studies for Individual or Group Study
Looking for a great women's Bible study lesson that will provide deep spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God?[...]
How to Get Closer to God & to Know God Personally
Do you want to discover deep spiritual meaning in your life and get closer to God? I want you to[...]
When You Don’t Want to Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart
Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of when my husband lost his job. Now, one year later, we still are[...]
18 Natural Cleaning Recipes for Your Home
Looking for some easy natural cleaning recipes for your home? I love to make all natural home cleaning products with[...]
How to Create Your Best Morning Routine Ever
 A few years after becoming a mom, I realized I needed massive help with my morning routine. Well, at first I[...]
Top 10 Really Useful Instant Pot Accessories
Alright, so you love your Instant Pot (what busy mom wouldn't?). But do you know about these useful Instant Pot[...]