Why Christian Marriages Need More Sex Than Ever


We all know that marriage—especially Christian marriage—is under attack.

And while there are complicated reasons why husbands and wives don’t get along (or may even divorce), many, many times our marriages suffer simply because we stop intentionally investing in them.

And often the first “investment” to go? We stop having sex.

Or maybe we are still having sex occasionally (of course every marriage is different), but here’s the real issue:

We are no longer making love to our spouses.

And friends, this is why our marriages (and thus, the foundation of our families) is slowly eroding.

Why don't we have more sex? We have a thousand excuses. How do we get past the excuses and have the more intimate relationship we're really craving with our spouse? And how can having more sex make all the difference in our marriage?

Wives, we have a thousand good excuses for why we’re not having sex (or if we are, why we’re not making love):

  • My husband and I are so busy!
  • He has a hectic travel schedule.
  • We are just too tired after a long day.
  • We’re bored with each other.
  • We just don’t “feel like it.”

But here’s the thing (and I’m not going to sugarcoat this):

We have to find a way to overcome these trials for this season in our marriage, whether it’s easy or not. 

We have to place “making love” at the top of the priority list–before kids, before work, before everything.

Why the emphasis on sex and making love? And what’s the difference between the two?

And what can we do today to start making love and investing in our marriages more? (This free resource can help… but more on that in a minute).

That’s what I want to talk about today–not as a marriage expert, but as a Christian wife, mom and woman who has seen so many friends lose their marriages, and who herself has seen her own marriage erode when she’s ignored the critical element of making love to her husband.

Make no mistake–what we talk about in this post may save your marriage, or that of someone you know.

Yes, what I’m about to say is THAT important. (Click next to read more!)


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