130 Everyday Ways to Say I Love You to Your Kids

Don’t miss this AWESOME list of 130 practical ways to say I love you to your kids! SO many great ideas here… what a great way to connect with your kids at any age and grow your parent-child bond! Must-read for parents!

76) Praise her publicly (unless she’d be embarrassed by it, then do it privately).

77) Ask his opinion.

78) Remind her that she has a purpose.

79) Do that thing he wants to do.

80) Put a note of encouragement in his lunchbox.

81) Make believe together.

82) Call her to say “I miss you” when you’re out of town.

83) Make cookies just because.


84) Volunteer as the team mom.

85) Apologize when you’ve messed up.

86) Remind him how deep and rich God’s love is for him.

87) Share the story (again) of how you met his father.

88) Give tough love when she needs it.

89) Go stargazing.

90) Wake him up about an hour after he’s gone to bed so you can go out to ice cream.

91) Read a book by flashlight.

92) Share your favorite character trait that she possesses.

93) Make an indoor pillow/blanket fort.

94) Return his angry words with a calm comment.

95) Go camping.

96) Give her a hug.


97) Give him his space when he needs it.

98) Tell him a story of what life was like when you were growing up.

99) Offer to pray for her when she is afraid.

100) Put her picture on your desk.

101) Give him a massage after a hard practice or a hard school day.

102) Show them a random act of kindness.

103) Smile.

104) Play in the pool with him (yes, even get your hair wet!).

105) Remind her that it’s OK to not always have all the answers.

106) Take a selfie together.

107) When necessary, let him try hard and figure it out himself.

109) Wink at her from across the room.

110) Laugh at his (very silly) jokes.

111) Play hide and go seek.

112) Whisper how much you love him in his ear when you’re sitting quietly together.

113) Go to a U-Pick fruit farm or harvest produce from your own yard.

114) Remind him that he’s always good enough.

115) Say please and thank you.

116) Train for a 5K (or other big physical challenge) together.

117) Go on a scavenger hunt.

118) Write “You got this!” on a sticky note and put it on the bathroom mirror.

119) Do a seasonal craft together.

120) Post something awesome about her on social media.

121) Make silly faces together.


122) Play outside together.

123) Simply say, “I understand.”

124) Start a journal together to share favorite memories.

125) Share with him the story of his birth.

126) Buy her a special treat unexpectedly.

127) Have a staring contest.

128) Play I Spy.

129) Ask, “What is your favorite thing we’ve done on vacations together?”

130) Keep his school memorabilia in one place and pull it out from time to time (to tell him how proud you are!).

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