130 Everyday Ways to Say I Love You to Your Kids

Don’t miss this AWESOME list of 130 practical ways to say I love you to your kids! SO many great ideas here… what a great way to connect with your kids at any age and grow your parent-child bond! Must-read for parents!

130 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Kids

NOTE: Remember, just as every child is different, there are no right or wrong answers here.

However, it needs to be said that sometimes a parent has to show love in a way that’s may not always “feel” loving to a child. This kind of tough love is just as important as the more obvious forms of love!

Therefore, what’s the best way to show love to a child in a given moment? Seek God’s wisdom on how to best authentically love your child for each stage of his life.

With this in mind, here’s the list of 130 ideas!

May they inspire you to love your child more fully, and more often too!

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1) Play your child’s favorite board game.

2) Stop what you’re doing and truly listen to him.

3) Be transparent and authentic.

4) Be willing to see it from her point of view.

5) Put together a LEGO set (here’s my four-year-old’s favorite one!)

6) Come home from work early.

7) Teach her to knit or crochet.

8) Draw with sidewalk chalk outside.

9) Take him with you on an errand.

10) Work in the garden together.

11) Hold her hand.


12) Work on a sewing project together.

13) Go for a bike ride.

14) Kiss her on the cheek.

15) Go for a walk.

16) Help him practice his sports skills at home.

17) Play an instrument together.

18) Look her in the eyes.

19) Take her clothes shopping.

20) Cheer extra loudly at their sports practice or games.

21) Tell him, “I’m so proud of you.”

22) Wrestle on the floor together.

23) Exercise together regularly.

24) Share a blanket together while watching a movie.

25) Read a book aloud.

26) Ask her to tell you about her favorite book.

27) Encourage her with scripture, especially on the hard days.


28) Surprise him with that item he’s been wanting.

29) Let her pick what’s for dinner tonight.

30) Be spontaneous.

31) Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up.

32) Hold your tongue when you want to be overly critical.

33) Be on time.

34) Let him help make dinner.

35) Laugh together at your favorite movie.

36) Share a story about when you were a child.

37) Teach him how to study the Bible for himself.

38) Listen without talking.


39) Fill up water balloons and play baseball with the balloons.

40) Play his favorite video game with him in dual-player mode.

41) Say a silly tongue twister together.

42) Pray together for something that’s troubling him.

43) Hold her when she cries.

44) Find fun rainy day activities and play them together.

45) Draw a picture together (here’s some fun drawing/coloring books!).

46) Offer grace for his mistakes.

48) Make his favorite dessert.

49) Play family games like these.

50) Have a snowball fight.

51) Play dolls with her.

52) Crank up his favorite song and sing along (unless he’s a tween and “too embarrassed,” then just crank it up).

53) Play one-on-one basketball with him.

54) Race toy cars down a long hall.

55) Host a family movie night (check out this list of family friendly movies with activities for each!).

56) Go to a park and play on the swings or playground together.

P.S. Overwhelmed by the number of ideas? NO PROBLEM! CLICK HERE to download a printable version so you don’t have to remember them all!

57) Sing a bedtime song (we sing our own version of “Jesus Loves Me” each night to our youngest kids).

58) Be extra silly with him.

59) Make her favorite snack.

60) Help her rearrange her room.

61) Say yes to “just one more” story.

62) Take him on a mommy-child date.

63) Host a tea party (fancy or not!) with her friends.

64) Snuggle.


64) Go on a hike.

65) Give her a mini-makeover.

66) Cook his favorite breakfast.

67) Work together to do a kind deed (here’s a list of 67 Random Acts of Kindness).

68) Do a puzzle together.

69) Set firm but loving boundaries.

70) Collect fall leaves and other natural items to make “leaf animals” and a banner like this.

71) Lower your tone and speak softer.

72) Put a puzzle together.

73) Send a text that says, “I love you.”

74) Celebrate a success, no matter how small.

75) Braid/style her hair in a fun way.

Enjoying these ideas? We’re just getting warmed up! There’s more for you on the next page!

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