130 Everyday Ways to Say I Love You to Your Kids

Despite the fact that I am a busy (and imperfect!) mom, I know my number one job as a parent is to tell my kids one simple thing: I love you.

But here’s the funny thing about saying “I love you.” You and I both know that it’s more than just saying the words. And that’s especially true when dealing with kids.

There needs to be action behind the words “I love you.” There needs to be connection. Relevancy. 

And because children are all different (and are continually changing), finding ways to say “I love you” in the everyday can sometimes be complex, right? Especially when you’re a parent to several children at once.

That’s why I recently wrote down a list of 130 ways to say I love you to my kids.

Every parent needs this, right?

We all need both creative, extraordinary ideas for saying “I love you,” and everyday ways to show kids love.

Don’t miss this AWESOME list of 130 practical ways to say I love you to your kids! SO many great ideas here… what a great way to connect with your kids at any age and grow your parent-child bond! Must-read for parents!

And that’s exactly what this list has!

You’ll find:

  • practical ideas for everyday connection
  • fun ways to connect with your kids at any stage
  • simple ways to grow your parent-child bond

Let these ideas re-focus your daily intentions, priorities and to-dos.

Let them help you stay true to being the type of parent you want to be!

5 Ways You Can Use This List

1) Keep a printed copy of the list get one here! on your fridge as a reminder.

2) Choose 30 things from the list and do 1 thing everyday for the next 30 days.

3) Print out the list and mark which idea would be the best fit for each of your children. Then plan to do one idea a week for each child.

4) Read through the list with your children. Ask them which ideas would make them feel most loved, and then plan to implement one of those ideas.

5) Let these ideas be a springboard for other ideas you may have to show your children love!


Ready to see the list of 130 ideas?! Yes–there’s 130 of them here!

I know that these ideas are going to help you grow closer to your kids, and that even if you implement a fraction of these ideas, your kids will feel that much more special and loved!

Click next to see the awesome list of 130 ways to say “I love you” to your kids!


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