The 25 Most Popular Posts of 2016 (Great New Years Inspiration!)

A brand new year is ahead! Who’s ready for some great inspiration, helpful tips and heartfelt encouragement for all those New Years goals?

I’ve gathered the best of the best of 2016–the top 25 marriage, parenting, faith and homemaking posts–all in one place for your New Years inspiration.

Moms like you told me they LOVED these posts! Each of them got a crazy amount of pageviews and lots of buzz.

And here they are for you… all in one place!

Wow--I loved all of these posts on parenting, marriage, faith and homemaking! So encouraging! Perfect reading for New Years inspiration. GREAT ideas and advice here...


Before we mention the posts, I also wanted to share the top 3 resources on the site this year (because they may help you too)!

These helped hundreds of families get organized, manage mommy anger and enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas.

Click on each one to learn more.

Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2016

NOTE: By far, marriage and parenting posts were the most popular posts this year! For this reason, I’ve included a few more of those here than the other categories. 

Top Posts in Marriage
Want better sex in your marriage? We've learned it takes time... and this surprising secret that so many couples miss. You've got to read this post from international Christian speaker and author Sue Detweiler. By sharing her and her husband's testimony, you'll discover a powerful truth that can bring incredible healing and a more passionate marriage than you ever thought possible!

#1 Post: The Surprising Secret to Better Sex for Christians

I’ll bet you’re here because you want to have better sex in your marriage. Who doesn’t, right?

But everything–kids, money, jobs, life–it ALL can get in the way and make our married sex lives dull, boring or even non-existent.

The truth is that it is possible to have a great married sex life!

There’s one BIG secret to that amazing level of intimacy we all crave… [READ MORE HERE]

Other Top Marriage Posts to Inspire Your New Year:

 Top Posts in Parenting

You hear the fighting. The yelling. The temper tantrums. AGAIN. While anger will never fully go away, kids CAN learn to manage their anger (and so can we!) Learn four simple steps to help kids calm down, understand angry emotions, determine if they have anger habits and assess if they deal with anger guilt. If you’re a mom, you need these to help kids deal with anger, fighting and temper tantrums!

#1 Post: Got an Angry Child? 4 Steps to Help Kids Manage Anger

You hear the fighting. The yelling. The temper tantrums. AGAIN.

Sighing, you walk into your child’s bedroom to find two angry faces (and fingers pointed at each other).

And now, you’re tasked with sorting out all the emotions (while still managing your own mommy anger).

Some days, motherhood feels like being a referee at a hockey match, right?!

But here’s the thing… [READ MORE]

Top Posts in Faith

How can you teach your kids how to not just READ the Bible during personal Bible study time but to UNDERSTAND IT? Here's an easy, 5-step process called the "5 Rs" that my kids and I use to glean deep spiritual truths. Includes a FREE BOOKMARK PRINTABLE CRAFT!#1 Post: Simple 5 Step Method for Kids Bible Study (Plus a Free Bookmark)

Reading the Bible changes my imperfect heart.
Time and time again, the pages of scripture bring me peace and purpose, slowly transforming me into the woman I really want to be.

And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve also experienced the power of God’s Word too, right?

Oh, how we want to share that life-changing power with our kids!

We want them to learn how to study the Bible from a young age so that they can develop an unshakeable, intimate relationship with God that carries them through all kinds of life’s circumstances.

However, I’ve learned that children (like all of us!) need a bible study method–a systematic way to not only read scripture but to allow God’s word to change a heart… [READ MORE]

Other Top Faith Posts to Inspire Your New Year:

Top Posts in Homemaking

#1 Post: How to Organize Kids School Papers (for Good!)

Do you have stacks of adorable kids artwork piling up everywhere?

You know, stacks of priceless treasures from your kids that you want to keep (but have no idea what to do with)?!

What if I told you that you could get rid of those stacks (and all the guilt that goes with them) forever?

What if I could show you a way to neatly and easy keep kids school papers organized now (without the crazy piles) and preserved for years to come (in one central place)?

Hundreds of moms love this method for organizing kids school papers… and I know you’re going to love it too…


 Other Posts About Homemaking to Inspire Your New Year:

Wow--I loved all of these posts on parenting, marriage, faith and homemaking! So encouraging! Perfect reading for New Years inspiration. GREAT ideas and advice here...

Happy New Year, friends!

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