23 Tips for the Powerful Prayer Life You Want (For Busy Moms)

Want to live with purpose and without any regrets? Want a family that is growing and thriving?

Want to be the change in this world (instead of being changed by the world)?

It all starts with a vibrant prayer life.

And here’s how to get it as a busy mom!

You want to pray more, but HOW does it happen when life is so chaotic? These 23 tips will help you discover how YES you can have a powerful prayer life even as a busy mom. Learn 9 ways that prayer can change everything for your family, 2 things your prayer life must have; How to make prayer a priority even when you feel time-strapped; 6 incredible resources that give specific plans on how to pray for our husband and/or kids; What your prayer room can look like (video), and 6 ways to make can make prayer work as a busy mom! Don’t miss this amazing post full of fabulous resources!

The Bible is clear that we–mere mortals!–have the power to shape destinies and move mountains on behalf of our loved ones (James 5:16) through humble, heartfelt connection with God through prayer.

Next to salvation itself, prayer is one of the best gifts God gave his children!

But here’s the problem: Prayer is a gift that so many of us never ever open. Why?

  • We’re scared of it because we don’t quite understand it.
  • We’re confused about what prayer is, and what it isn’t.
  • We’ve tried praying before but became quickly frustrated when our “way” wasn’t happening.
  • Or, we believe in the power of prayer, but we find ourselves too busy make prayer a priority.

However, as moms and women of God in a world quickly going down the tubes, we no longer have the luxury of not fighting for ourselves, our families and our nation through prayer.

We simply must be praying. Regularly.

I want to empower you with 23 tips to help you grab hold of this amazing gift that God wants to give you and your family.

We’ll discover:

  • 9 ways that prayer can change everything for your family
  • 2 things your prayer life must have
  • How to make prayer a priority even when you feel time-strapped
  • 6 incredible resources that give specific plans on how to pray for our husband and/or kids
  • What your prayer room can look like (video)
  • 6 ways you can make prayer work as a busy mom

We really can have a stronger prayer life–even in the midst of this chaotic, already-too-busy young family stage.


9 Important Truths About Prayer

Before we dig into how to build a strong prayer life, let’s talk about 9 truths that highlight why prayer can change everything–for ourselves and our families.

  • Prayer is simply communication–a conversation–between us and God.
  • Prayer is accessible to any one at any time;
  • Prayer allows us to connect deeply with God about any subject;
  • Prayer is how God tells us to let go of our fears and pent up emotions;
  • Prayer allows us to fight for the truth and to claim it for a specific situation;
  • Prayer gives us the opportunity to support our friends and family behind the scenes as we lift every corner of their lives up to His guidance;
  • Prayer teaches us to wait expectantly, knowing that He will answer (yes, no or wait) and that it will be for our best;
  • Prayer helps us to be content with His best answer (based on His omnipotence) instead of demanding our own (based on our shortsightedness);
  • Prayer changes not only the person we’re praying for, but prayer changes us–regardless of what the answer to the prayer is.

2 Things Your Prayer Life Must Have

First, prayer is first founded on a living relationship with Christ.

God says that we’re all separated from Him without Christ’s redemption (Romans 3:23).

So if we want to access the power of prayer, we first need to be in right standing with God (which we can never do enough to earn and only comes through God’s grace-filled gift of salvation through Jesus) (Ephesians 2:5-8).

If we’re not in a committed relationship with Jesus and praying with God’s will in mind for the situation, then our words are empty and powerless.

There’s a reason why Jesus’ model for prayer starts with, “Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9-13)

We need to be in one accord with Him–accepting whatever He chooses to give us as the best answer to our situation–before we enter the heart of prayer.

Second, a passion for prayer must flow through our hearts like wildfire.

We must pray regularly, with an open heart, and with a conviction that our prayers are making a difference.

James 5:16 may be a familiar verse: “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

But do we believe that–deep down in our souls? Have we allowed that truth to fire us up to the vibrant prayer life we long for?

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about “mustering up” all that the passion if it’s not there now.

You simply need to have a heart that’s willing to learn. A heart that says, “I know you’re calling me to this, and so I know you’ll teach me how to do this.”

Fervent--300-x-300Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer is one of the best books I’ve found on igniting that passion to prayer.

The book details how prayer is our most powerful weapon against the enemy’s plans to hurt us, and how we need to understand those strategies–and she lists 10 common ones for women–so that we can begin strategically and powerfully praying for our families.

If you’re serious about developing a heart committed to prayer, I’d highly recommend Fervent!

But I Have No Time…

Right. I totally understand. Even if you totally on board with having a stronger prayer life, you’re already feeling overextended.

You feel like if you have to fit in one more thing you’re simply going to explode.  

Can I lighten your load here? We don’t need to try to “fit” prayer into our lives. We just need to adjust a few things.

Let me show you exactly how I make fervent prayer part into my crazy mom life (which is probably a lot like yours).

It’s not as complicated or all-consuming as it sounds. Click “NEXT.”


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