How to Decorate Your Home Seasonally for Free (257 Printables)

4 Free Everyday “Live in the Moment” Home Decor Printables

There are those times of the year where you may feel in-between seasons. Or maybe you just want something to have in your gallery that’s perfect for everyday use.

You’ll love these four printables I designed that will remind you to “live in the moment”!

How can we enjoy life--and truly live in the moment--when we're in a survival-mode season? Learn how to stop obsessing; How to find peace in the chaos; plus new habits that bring happiness and light into crazy-busy moments. And get (4) FREE 8 x 10 Printable Quotes for your home!

Click here (or on the image above) to access the printables!

Up next, 31 free printables that are perfect for welcoming fall (my favorite season!)

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