65+ Incredible Resources for Better Sex in Christian Marriage

#3 How to Turn Up the Heat (Outside of the Bedroom)

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16 Fun and Easy Ways to Flirt with Your Husband Today

Flirting--which is just really a way to keep your marriage fun--is so much more than just an invite to romance. I believe flirting with your husband is the best way to keep friendship and fun the focus of your marriage! Check out these 16 fun and easy tips (plus lots of great resources and ideas) on how to flirt with your husband today!


130 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

Whoa—you won’t believe the sheer number of ideas in this resource! SO MANY great ways to EASILY show your husband or wife how much your love them! Every married person needs to read this… great jumpstart for any marriage!


The 15 Minute Habit That Will Change Your Marriage

This one intentional habit has kept our marriage thriving even in the busiest seasons. It's a simple change that will bring the closeness--and real, heartfelt connection--that you're craving from your spouse. If you're married, don't miss this!

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We love regularly diffusing aphrodisiac essential oils (or applying them directly to skin) to encourage a romantic atmosphere. And don’t just reserve these for the bedroom! Here are our favorite blends and supplies from Rocky Mountain Oils.

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