How to Have a Daily Quiet Time with God

If you really want to know God and to grow deeper in a relationship with Him, the best way is have a daily quiet time: A habitual period of time set aside to spend time with God through Bible reading and prayer.

A quiet time is simply quieting your heart to have a one-on-one conversation with God. A daily quiet time is the simple spiritual habit that will–more than anything else–grow you closer to God.

Daily time alone with God is when you can be still before Him and let Him speak His truth into your heart. A time when you can breathe deep of God’s promises for you and to share your burdens, concerns and anxieties.

But what can a quiet time with God look like? What do we study? And how in the world can we make daily quiet time happen when we already have overcrowded schedules?

I completely understand! Let me share with you what I’ve learned about how to have a rich and meaningful daily quiet time with God.

Plus, I want to give you a free Bible study bookmark so that you can make it easy to understand and apply scripture to your life.


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Do You Really Need a Daily Quiet Time with God?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wow. A quiet time with God every day? That’s a little extreme. Isn’t it enough that I go to church every week?”

Yes, it’s important to have fellowship with other Christians and to spend time learning from spiritual mentors (like a pastor), but truly, the meat of our relationship with God comes with daily time spent reading the Bible and listening to Him speak to us.

God wants us to have a growing, thriving relationship with Him, and relationships grow through ongoing, regular contact and conversation. God wants to speak to us personally, and that can’t just come from a weekly sermon.

We need to interact with God’s word, listen to His promptings, meditate on His truths and then apply those truths to our lives. A daily quiet time is the key for those personal, one-on-one conversations to happen. A quiet time is how God brings rest and provides encouragement and direction.

2 Essential Components of a Quiet Time

I think of a daily quiet time Bible study as having two parts: Speaking and listening.

Part 1: How to Speak to God During a Quiet Time

“Speaking” simply means praying to God and sharing with Him not only our burdens but our thankfulness. He wants to be more than just a voice we call out to when we are in trouble. We have the great privilege of dialoging with him back and forth as we walk through our days–sharing both our concerns and joys of each moment.

Jesus offers a beautiful model of how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13.   I love how His example demonstrates not only a reliance on God but a deep trust in God to provide all that we need through every situation.

In our quiet times, we can approach God in prayer with confident expectation because we know that He loves us unconditionally, wants to provide for His children and even tells us to share our concerns with Him (1 Peter 5:7).

Obviously there’s much more to say about this important aspect of a quiet time. If you’d like to learn more about prayer, please check out this post that gives 23 tips to a powerful prayer life. 

Part 2: How to Listen to God During a Quiet Time

Along with speaking to God during a quiet time Bible study, we need to become learn how to listen to His voice.

The Bible is the main way that God speaks to us (not just in a quiet time, but any time). Any spiritual leading or convictions we may hear from God will always line up with scripture. That’s why it’s imperative to not just read God’s word but to take time to meditate on it and ask ourselves, “How can I apply this biblical truth to my life today?”

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method  is one of the easiest and best ways I’ve found to read, listen and apply God’s word to daily life. I have taught this method to thousands all over the world, and I would love to share it with you as well!

You can also get a free bookmark with the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method so that it’s super easy to remember these simple Bible study steps when reading Bible verses.


Reading God’s word (and truly allowing it to speak to your heart through a daily Bible time) is a sure-fire way to practice listening to God and learning Jesus’ voice (John 10:1-16).

Need more help? Check out these posts:

What to Study In Your Daily Quiet Time with God

Idea 1: Work through a devotional or Bible study during your daily quiet time.

Want a great list of some of my favorite women’s Bible study resources? Check out this post.

Idea 2: Come up with your own quiet time Bible study topic using a study Bible with a concordance.

Scripture is full of wonderful principles and teachings on how to face every aspect of life. I love that we can go to God’s word every day in our quiet time and ask Him to teach us exactly what we need for today’s issues and problems.

I highly encourage women to use a study Bible with a concordance in their daily quiet time so that they can look up scripture verses by topic and get God’s full perspective on a given topic.

I also recommend a study Bible like this one (I use the New Living Translation, but feel free to use your preferred Bible translation):

Life Application Study Bible: New Living TranslationLife Application Study Bible: New Living Translation

The best investment I’ve ever, ever made in my spiritual growth has been to purchase a study Bible with a Bible concordance! And remember, use the 5Rs Bible Study Method™ to read, analyze and apply the scriptures you find.

Need more help? Check out these posts (I’ve also included a few posts with lists of Bible verses to study in your quiet time):

How to Make a Daily Quiet Time a Habit

Now that you can see the power behind a daily quiet time with God, I’ll bet you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to fit a daily quiet time habit into your life.

I understand! I have an extremely full, busy schedule as well as a wife and working mom.

I want to share with you my secrets for making daily quiet time with God a habit. Learn more here about how to build the habit of regular quiet times in your life. 

What If I’ve Never Known God in a Personal Way Like This Before?

Perhaps the idea of a relationship with God is completely new to you. Or perhaps you’ve been in church all your life and only thought of God as someone you learned about on Sunday during a service. Or maybe you’ve only known God as a mysterious, far-off being in the sky that seems to be holding an iron fist of judgement.

I want to share with you something that will change your life: God not only created every part of you (Psalm 139) and has known you since before time began, but He loves you and takes delight in you (Zephaniah 3:17)–just for who you are.

He determined every detail that makes you you–everything from the color of your hair to your silliest quirks. And His plans for you are for good, and not for harm (Jeremiah 29:11).

He has allowed the suffering you’ve experienced in your life as an invitation to dig deeper–an invitation to learn more about the One who wants to give you the fullest, best life even through the difficulties.

If you’ve never started a spiritual journey like this with Jesus, go here to learn how you too can have a personal relationship with God. 

Free Gift for a Meaningful and Powerful Quiet Time with God

What good is it to have a daily quiet time with God and read your Bible if you can’t apply scripture to your life?

That’s why I want to make sure that you’ve downloaded this free bookmark with the simplest way I’ve found to analyze and apply Bible verses: the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method.


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