How to Organize Your Kids School Papers (for Good!)

Oh my gosh... YES! Finally a great way to organize kids school papers once and for all-- from their toddler years through twelfth grade! What a great keepsake to pass on to your kids too! You'll be doing a happy dance after reading this!

How to Use the My Memory Box: Kids School Paper Organizing System

The system is super easy to use!

Along with the printables, you’ll also need per child:

STEP 1: Print off the papers in the kit, one set for each of your children.

The kit includes sets in four different colors–pink, blue, green and orange (not pictured).

organize kids school papers

STEP 2: Using a paper trimmer or good scissors, cut out each of the Folder Labels and the File Folder Tabs.

organize kids school papers

I love all of the information that you can include on each of the folder labels: favorite things to do, favorite book, sports/activities, closest friends, and an area for the child to put his/her signature.

organize kids school papers

STEP 3: Glue the Folder Labels to the outside front of the hanging file folders (one label per file).

You can leave space on the front of the file folder to attach a picture of the child in each corresponding grade if you prefer.

organize kids school papers

I enlisted a helper to make the job go faster.

organize kids school papers



Almost there! Only a few more steps until your box is complete!



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