Tired of Being Sick? How Our Family Naturally Kicks a Cold

Foods to Eat (and Those to Avoid) When a Cold Strikes


 Foods to Eat/Drink:

1) Lots of Fluids.


Pure and simple, hydration means lots of water, at least the daily recommendation of 8-10 glasses (if not more). Adding a slice of lemon not only makes it taste great, but also helps clean and purify the body.

Our bodies need lots of extra fluids when we’re fighting a cold. Water also helps flush the bowels, which can clear the body of infection.

Our family avoids coffee and alcohol during this time since these dehydrate cells (the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do).

Instead of coffee, we drink teas, juices and smoothies. And speaking of those…

2) Juicing.


A great way to get needed fluids (and vitamins) is juicing! There are several books with juicing combinations for lotnatural ways fight colds of ailments. One of my favorites is Juicing for Life.

Often when I feel a cold coming on, I reach for my juicer (this is the one we use and love!) 

and pick one of Juicing for Life’s recommended cold-fighting combos. Sometimes I modify the recipe based on what I have on hand, and I usually include garlic (because of its very potent antiviral and antibiotic properties), ginger root (also great for immune-boosting) and carrots (high in vitamin C).

3) Smoothies.


Smoothies are super because they make it easy to ingest lots of fruits (and even deep leafy greens, which are full of antioxidants), plus give lots of hydration. An ice-cold smoothie also feels great on a sore throat!

Get an awesome smoothie recipe, plus all the remedies in this post (and many more!) in a printable format. Go HERE!


natural ways fight coldA quick note here about making an awesome smoothie: I swear by my Vita Mix.

I’m not joking when I say that we use this amazing appliance at least once a day in our house!

And when we’re sick? Our Vita-Mix is happily whirring along several times a day.

Our Vita-Mix really does make our smoothies incredibly well-blended unlike any other, which is important when creating real-fruit smoothies.

Two things that we watch when making a smoothie:

  • First, we add only dairy-free protein powder (no whey—that’s milk protein); and
  • Second, we try to include low-sugar, high antioxidant fruits like frozen berries.

Get one of our family’s favorite cold-busting smoothie recipes here in the free guide! (TK–LINK)

4) Soups.


Anything that’s hot and full of fluid works wonders to flush out a cold (especially when it’s chock full of vegetables and spices). Remember, hydration is the key, right?

I would recommend avoiding soups with butter or cream bases.

Here’s a healthy recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup, and one for another family favorite–Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

Food/Drink to Avoid:

1) Avoid sugar, especially refined sugar.


Sugar weakens the immune system, thus making it harder to fight a cold.

Of course, nearly everything has some form of sugar in it (if you think of it in terms of carbohydrates).

Essentially, what we’ve found is that removing highly sugared items such as soda, candy, desserts, and items with white flours makes a huge difference in fighting a cold.

Most fruit has a high level of water and nutrition, but does have some sugar. When fighting a cold, our family looks at each fruit individually and tries to consume those that have the highest nutritional content and a lower sugar level.

Want to know our favorite fruits for kicking a cold, plus other awesome natural cold remedies? Go here!

Want More Natural Ways to Get Over a Cold?

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