Tired of Being Sick? How Our Family Naturally Kicks a Cold


Are you here because your family is currently suffering through a cold?

Or maybe your family deals with the cold and flu bug every year and you want to know how to kick a cold quickly! (Who doesn’t?!)

Either way, I’m so glad you’re here because you’re going to find the answers you’re looking for!

These amazing natural ways to fight a cold are going to help you tremendously when your family is sick!Stuck with a cold? You've GOT to try these! Here are 10 POWERFUL and natural ways to fight a cold! Great knowledge to store away for the next time your family is sick!

While I am not a doctor or medical health professional (and am therefore not giving medical advice here), my family of six and I have experimented with these techniques for years.

I’ve divided this up into two topics:

  1. Amazing Herbs and Essential Oils that Build Immunity

  2. Foods to Eat (and Those to Avoid) When a Cold Strikes

Plus go here for 10 other helpful natural remedies (including our #1 tip for kicking a cold!), awesome essential oil recipes, cooking recipes and a printable document with all of these amazing tips in one place!


When we use these techniques, nine times out of ten we can kick a cold quickly, and avoid the doctor (and the antibiotic route) all together.

We have also had these techniques confirmed by other natural health practitioners we’ve worked with, and have seen them work for many other families we’ve shared them with.

And now, I’m so excited to empower your family with these natural ways to kick a cold!

Ready to learn them?! Let’s go!



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