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10 Essential Oils That I Use Everyday as a Mom

Note: Of course there are many essential oils you could use. But in order to keep things simple (and not overwhelming), I’m just going to talk about 10 oils and blends that I regularly use and trust as a mom. 


lavender--WEB1) Lavender

Lavender is often the oil I reach for first. It has a lovely calming scent that’s great for helping kids sleep, calming nerves when kids are stressed, or for helping everyone relax after a long day.

If I really want to relax, I will apply Lavender with Peppermint and it’s pure bliss!

Lavender is also great for blending with other antiseptic-type essential oils, such as Tea Tree, to add comfort and soothing such as when treating kids’ owies.

lemon--WEB2) Lemon

I love to use the power of Lemon Essential Oil in our cleaning. We’ve found Lemon oil and Tea Tree oil are excellent to powerfully clean carpets, bathrooms, mirrors and glass.

A drop of lemon is also a lovely and refreshing way to brighten up a cup of water.

I especially like Rocky Mountain Oils’ Lemon Essential Oil because it’s not too sharp-smelling, if that makes sense.

Lemon Essential Oil can also be used in cooking!



peppermint--WEB3) Peppermint

Peppermint is my favorite pain-relieving oil! I can’t tell you how many times it’s spared me from a headache. I rarely, rarely take any sort of ibuprofen or aspirin anymore for headache because a few dabs of Peppermint on my temples and neck usually does the trick.

I’ve also found it to be an amazingly powerful expectorant (by itself or used with Eucalyptus) when one of us deals with chest or nose congestion!

It’s my go-to oil that I either use by itself (or blend with other pain-relieving oils) when I deal with sore muscles or neck issues.

It’s a hot oil (which means that it should be applied with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil in order to avoid skin irritation) and a little goes a long way. However, there’s nothing like Peppermint’s cooling, freshening scent!

tea-tree--WEB4) Tea Tree

This powerful oil has an equally powerful medicinal scent! Wow! But I like to think of that bold smell as a reminder of Tea Tree’s power as a cleaning and antiseptic agent.

Because of Tea Tree’s great antibacterial properties, I often reach for it when dealing with bug bites or other sores. We recently spent time in the mountains and have been (very effectively) treating our mosquito bites with a few drops of Tea Tree and Lavender with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a roller ball whenever the bite starts to itch.

And of course, it’s an essential part of any home cleaner we use. It’s just fantastic for purifying and ousting germs.

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Now I want to share four powerful essential oil blends formulated to:

  • boost the immune system;
  • fight odors;
  • brighten attitudes, and;
  • encourage tissue healing!

Seriously, what mom doesn’t need help in these areas everyday (especially the grouchy attitudes one!)

Check out these four essential oil/blends that you’ll use all the time too.


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