5 Steps to Turn Mommy Anger Into a Teachable Moment


Every Mom Gets Angry at Her Kids Sometimes

Even if we’re working to control our anger, we moms can lose it from time to time.

The question isn’t how to eliminate anger completely (because this is impossible), but how to handle it positively when it arises. 

Note: I don’t want to negate the seriousness of dealing with mommy anger. Go here and here for more info on this important topic.

Ready for the 5 steps to turn mommy anger into a teachable moment?They’re really simple:

  1. Give an honest, heartfelt apology.
  2. Bridge to the child’s actions.
  3. Allow the child to see the effect of his/her choices.
  4. Offer forgiveness and share about God’s love.
  5. Mend the bond.

That’s the general formula, but there’s so much more!

I’ve developed a FREE resource that expands on each of the 5 steps with sample conversation starters, and corresponding Bible verses for the steps!

This is your “cheat sheet” to how to successfully transform mommy anger into a teachable moment!

The best part?

You can print out this expanded “cheat sheet” version of the 5 step methodwhich means you’ll have it in your hands the next time you deal with mommy anger. 

That’s priceless!

Download the free “cheat sheet” here!

This plug-and-play method will help you grow closer to your child and give you a powerful way to share what you really want to say.

The Bible verses referenced are even completely written out so that everything is in one place!

The 5-step method will transform these challenging anger moments into a chance to share firsthand with your kids about grace, forgiveness and God’s love.

And having it in one place–having a “cheat sheet”–makes the conversation that much easier!


We’re not saying that mommy anger is right (learn about how to deal with mommy anger here), but this 5-step method gives you the tools to turn a negative situation into a positive one that grows your relationship with your child!

Now that’s powerful!

Did you download it yet? Seriously–you don’t want to miss this! Go here!

Once you’ve downloaded it, give it a try and let me know in the comments how it works for you!

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And course, the “7 Days to a Less Angry Mom™” online course is an excellent resource!


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