Mom Hack: How to Always Have Photo Storage on Your Phone

Here’s my confession: Despite my best efforts to stay on top of everything, some days most days I feel like I’m running by the seat of my pants and I often feel like I can never do enough to keep up with all the demands of being a mom. 

You get it, right?

Meeting our kids’ needs (funny how a screaming child can grab our attention!), continually working on a strong marriage and keeping our home running are our highest priorities. And, as a result, there are some things that just have to go by the wayside.

For me, that’s being faithful about managing the photos and videos on my phone.

TIRED OF THE “OUT OF STORAGE” MESSAGE ON YOUR PHONE? So many of us moms deal with this! Here’s my simple solution that ensures that you don’t ever miss a photo because you have no phone memory.

OH friends… is there anything worse than getting that annoying message on your phone–“Your phone is out of storage”just as you’re about to capture that priceless childhood moment? I can’t tell you how many times I have dealt with that.

So what do we do? We start frantically deleting as many of those unnecessary photos and videos as we can (you know, like those 22 pictures of the dog’s bowl from when your preschooler kidnapped your phone last week). Been there, done that!

But what happens when there’s really nothing to delete? Or if you can’t delete it in time (“I’m sorry, honey, but you’re going to have to take your first steps again because Mommy needed to delete 100 photos from her iPhone.”).

Here’s my secret mom hack for this issue: A brilliant little photo storage device called Picture Keeper Connect.


Picture Keeper Connect is a special storage drive that inserts into your phone and immediately downloads your photos and videos, instantly freeing up your mobile storage space for that priceless video you need to take now.

It’s so stinkin’ simple it’s pure genius. And let me tell you–it’s saved my hide more than once.

Last summer, a friend of mine and I were in the middle of Times Square taking the most amazing photos when–no joke–I got that dreaded “out of storage” message.

Oh. My. Word!! I was less than pleased at that moment to say the least.

However, thankfully, I had just picked up a Picture Keeper Connect the day before at a trade show. I was curious to see if it worked (and really hopeful it would!). Sure enough, I simply inserted the Picture Keeper Connect into my phone, downloaded the app and it did the rest.

Yep, it was that simple! I couldn’t believe it. What a total godsend for busy moms like me who–sometimes rarely Ok, almost never!–download her mobile phone photos.


Most recently, I used my Picture Keeper Connect again when I had to use my phone to film some marketing videos for my latest product, the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System.

I needed space to film 7 different videos and–big shocker!–my “out of storage” message came on during the filming. Ugh!!

The thing was that I had recently deleted a whole bunch of those “my preschooler kidnapped my phone” photos so there wasn’t a lot of stuff to delete. We had recently had several family gatherings, so there weren’t lots of photos on there that I was ready to just delete willy-nilly.

But then, I grabbed my Picture Keeper Connect and quickly inserted it into the plug on my phone. BOOM! This tiny little device solved the problem in an instant. The photos were magically–and safely–whisked away to my Picture Keeper Connect device; and I could continue on with the filming. Yahoo!

I’m telling you, this little device is something every mom needs at her disposal.

Why Is Picture Keeper Connect Such a Great Mom Hack?


The Picture Keeper Connect drive plugs directly into the charging port of your cell phone and tablet for simple, easy backup of your data right to a portable compact USB drive! Fast, easy and simple!

You can transfer photos, contacts and videos directly from your Phone or Tablet (iOS and Android) to your Mac or PC. It’s totally plug-and-play, which is what we busy moms need, right?

Here’s some other great features I love:

  • Files can be accessed and backed up without WiFi or data connection and are always within reach.
  • If you fill up one Picture Keeper Connect, you can plug in another and it will continue right where the other left off.
  • Picture Keeper Connect skips duplicates during the backup.
  • Picture Keeper Connect requires no software to install and no monthly fees.

6 Everyday Mom Uses for the Picture Keeper Connect

Wondering how you might use your Picture Keeper Connect in your busy mom life? Here are some ideas:

  • The most obvious one is to keep it in your purse for when the out-of-storage messages strikes. Here’s a tip: keep it in the box packaging when you’re not using it so that you don’t lose it. I am famous for misplacing things (just ask my very patient husband) and so this helps me keep this fairly small device from getting lost in the vortex of my obnoxiously oversized purse.
  • Bring it with you on vacation. I am traveling on a week-long school trip with my oldest son next week to our nation’s capital and I am definitely packing my Picture Keeper Connect in my travel backpack. I don’t want us to miss not being able to take photos at all of those amazing picture-worthy locales in D.C. Take that “out of storage” message!
  • Use it as a backup storage device for those priceless photos you never want to lose! You know, your wedding, the birth of your kids, etc.
  • Share photos between family members. Does your mom want copies of not just one but all the photos from your recent family get together? Instead of trying to email everything, you can simply save the photos onto your Picture Keeper Connect and have her upload them onto her phone that way.
  • Help your kids when they run out of stage on their devices. My older boys just recently got smart phones, and I keep my Picture Keeper Connect handy in case they run out of storage too.
  • Use it as a storage holder for photos you’d like to add to a new phone or tablet. Do you have some all-time favorite photos of you and your husband or of your kids? You can easily upload those to your new mobile device using a Picture Keeper Connect.

Check out Picture Keeper Connect here at their website and learn more about how this awesome little device can help you too in your everyday mom life!

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FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Picture Keeper Connect. All opinions are mine.


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