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5 Things to Learn from Christian Marriages That Ended in Divorce
Recently I’ve learned of several strong Christian marriages that are either facing divorce or are dealing with separation. The news[...]
How Should Christians Respond to Couples Who Divorce?
Most people will agree: Divorce is a highly painful experience that rips apart families. In fact, many of us know[...]
How Can You Keep Money from Ruining Your Marriage?
It's no secret that money issues are one of the biggest conflicts for many married couples. In fact, money and money[...]

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Yes, Busy Couples CAN Have Time for Bible Study (Our 7 Tips)
For years, my husband and I wanted to regularly read the Bible together. But we had no idea where to start. The[...]
Marriage Issues: When to Keep Silent and When to Share with Your Spouse
Marriage is about being fully honest and upfront with each other, right? When we say "I do" we promise to[...]
30 Best Gifts to Give Your Husband on Valentine’s Day
How did Valentine's Day sneak up so fast?! Do you know what you're getting your husband this year for Valentine's[...]
54 Romantic Movies to Share with Your Spouse
Planning an at-home date night? Or maybe you just want to watch a romantic movie with your spouse? Whether it's[...]
17 Conversation Starters for Everyday Marriage Issues (Free Cheat Sheet!)
Ever had those times in marriage where you can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong? You’re not facing one[...]
10 Ground Rules for Fighting Fair in Marriage
Fights. Arguments. “Intense discussions.” Whatever you call them in your marriage, they’re rarely pleasant. However, I want to ask you—is[...]
26 Ways Busy Parents Can Have More Date Nights
You've heard it over and over again: Date nights are an important part of keeping a marriage strong and vibrant.[...]
How to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Restful Retreat for Your Marriage
Last Sunday afternoon I sat on the bed with my husband in our master bedroom, my eyes filled with tears[...]

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