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Alicia Michelle 200 x 200Hey there! I’m Alicia, and I’m so glad you stopped by (you can read more about my family and I here).

I’m excited to give you some free resources to encourage your marriage!

First, I want to tell you that marriage is not easy. In fact, I’ve yet to meet a couple who says that it is!

But my husband and I can testify that through hard work, intentional habits (and a dedicated growing faith in God), marriage can be beautiful through every season.

Our marriage has weathered chronic illness, financial struggles, parenting a special needs child (and other issues you’ll read about) but we can honestly say that it is possible to have a thriving, growing marriage regardless of the circumstances.

That simple marital joy is what I long to share with you–not as one who has all the answers, but as one who is also walking the married-with-young-kids path and wants to share what she’s learning.

I pray that these resources will give you the encouragement and practical tips your marriage needs to grow and thrive!

Free Marriage Downloads:

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5 Daily Habits to Grow Your Marriage (Free Cheat Sheet)

130 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse (Free Printable List)

17 Conversation Starters for Everyday Marriage Issues (Free Cheat Sheet)


Our Favorite Marriage Resources and Books:

Strengthening Your Marriage Bundle2Strengthen Your Marriage Bundle

(e-download), which includes:

  • 90 date night questions
  • How to plan your own marriage retreat
  • Resources for re-kindling romance
  • 30 days of loving your man challenge



325-x-475--63-Incredible-Resources-for-Better-Sex-in-Christian-Marriage65+ Incredible Resources for Better Sex in Christian Marriage

which includes links to 10 webpages of resources on the following 10 topics:

#1 How to Improve Your Spiritual Connection (The Secret to the Best Sex!)

#2 How to Improve Emotional Intimacy and Connection

#3 How to Turn Up the Heat (Outside the Bedroom)

#4 How to Plan Great Escapes Together (aka Date Nights, Weekends Away)

#5 How to Keep Marriage Fun and Flirty

#6 Practical Help for When Porn or Erotica Is In Your Marriage

#7 How to Make Physical Touch Part of Everyday Life

#8 Healthy Christian Resources on Sexual Technique

#9 How Often Should You Have Sex? (How to Find What Works for Your Marriage)

#10 Why Long Married Couples Have the Best Sex of All



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The 15 Minute Habit That Will Change Your Marriage

Why Christian Marriages Need More Sex Than Ever

How I Almost Had An Affair

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When You’re Waiting for the Miracle in Your Marriage

When Chronic Illness Invades Your Marriage


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I’m praying for you and your marriage!

May you and your spouse grow closer each day, seeking not perfection in your marriage but rich friendship, deep connection and loads of joy as you keep your eyes on God while weathering the storms of life together!