Want More Joy? How to Tidy Up Your Home (& Your Heart)

Want a simple, more joyful life? It may be time to tidy up (both your home and your heart).

Tidying up has been an incredible way for me to bring clarity and focus to my life (much like Bible verses about joy bring hope and peace).

Tidying up is about so much more than just cleaning or organizing. Having a tidy up mindset will reduce stress and increase peace, joy and calm in your home (and don’t we all need more of that?!).

Read on to discover how tidying up can bring joy and peace.

P.S. Tidying up your physical possessions will bring joy and peace to your home, but if you’re looking for a deeper joy (that goes way beyond cleaning and organizing) I encourage you to get a free sample of these joy Bible study resources.

Get free joy Bible study resources here to tidy up your heart.
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The Tidy Up Secret: “Does It Still Bring Me Joy?”

She handed me the book at Thanksgiving and I rolled my eyes.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?” I said, with more than a little disdain in my voice.

“Yes!” my mom cried, chuckling a little. “I’m telling you, it’s an incredible book! You’ve got to take a look at it.”

I held the book in my hands and quickly leafed through the heavily highlighted pages covered with many sticky notes and my mom’s familiar handwriting.

I sensed something different lurking between the pages. Author Marie Kondo‘s criteria for keeping or discarding items was something I’d never heard before. She simply asks herself, “Does this item still bring me joy?”

This got my attention. Joy? That was something I spent much time pursuing as a mom and Christ-follower.

I’ve even written a Bible study about joy (learn more about it here).

What was this link between my stuff and my joy level? And why had she elevated this to be the highest criterion for determining if something should stay in my house or hit the Goodwill pile?

The more I read, the more I was convinced that tidying up was another way for me to experience joy.

How Tidying Up Can Welcome Everyday Joy

I’m not saying that keeping things clutter-free and organized is as important to everyday joy as knowing, studying and apply God’s truths about joy to our lives.

In fact, if you truly want more joy in your life, I’d highly encourage you to learn how to welcome godly joy into your life with these joy Bible resources.

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Psst… you can even get a free 3-day sample here! 🙂

However, I wanted to share about tidying up because tidying up can bring an immediate relief to our souls when we feel overwhelmed and scattered.

Tidying up can bring a quick sense of relief and peace when life feels out of control.

That’s true whether we’re literally going through closets and pursuing items we no longer need, or if we’re thinking through the activities in our lives that need to be tidied up.

For example, it’s so helpful to ask ourselves regularly:

  • What activities were important at one time, but are no longer necessary?
  • Do I dread some of my must-do daily activities? If so, what reframing can I do to change that?

And tidying up (whether it’s our physical possessions or our schedules) is often a stepping stone to deeper reflection on how to discover everyday joy.

Speaking of everyday joy, perhaps this post has encouraged you to dig deeper toward ultimate joy found in a relationship with Christ.

If so, why not give these awesome joy Bible study resources a try?

Get a free 3-day sample here.

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And of course, if you’d like to discover lasting joy and happiness (the ultimate way to tidy up your heart!), I encourage you to download the free 3-day sample of the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Resources!

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