5 Ways Your Kids Are Under Spiritual Attack

Parents, our kids are under spiritual attack! It sounds scary, however WE CAN fight for our kids to be victorious against the enemy’s plans for their life. Discover 5 key areas that your kids are spiritually attacked and learn how to pray for them and encourage them!

 5 Areas the Enemy Wants to Attack Your Kids

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Area #4: Passion, Purpose and Calling

We want our kids to live purposefully and passionately, always seeking God’s direction. We want them to grow up with a willingness to persevere, a deep understanding of the cost (and joys) of commitment, and to be unwilling to settle for complacency and comfort.

How the Enemy Attacks: 

  • He distracts and confuses them, telling them to use emotion to guide their decision-making instead of seeking to align their passions with what God is already doing.
  • He doesn’t want our kids to understand or appreciate their unique personality and talents that God has divinely given them.
  • He encourages them toward laziness and to be content with seeking self-pleasure and the easy way out.
  • Through mindless pursuits, he keeps them numb to the better life of magnificent beauty that comes from following God’s wild and wonderful best path.

How You Can Pray for Your Kids:

  • Pray for your kids to be able to clearly discern between their emotions and God’s truth about a given situation.
  • Pray against laziness and complacency in your kids.
  • Pray that your kids would know at a very early age how God wants them to be a part of His big plan in telling the world about Him.
  • Pray for wisdom on how to direct your kids with both cautiousness and courage, not allowing our own fears about “what if…?” get in the way of how He wants to use them in the world.

Scriptures to Teach:

Proverbs 28:1John 2:13-17Acts 4:13Acts 20:24Romans 12:6-8Romans 12:112 Corinthians 3:7-12Colossians 3:23-24;

Additional Helpful Resources:

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And finally, Area #5 is a critical place that the enemy attacks our kids (and honestly, many adults)…

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