5 Ways Your Kids Are Under Spiritual Attack

Parents, our kids are under spiritual attack! It sounds scary, however WE CAN fight for our kids to be victorious against the enemy’s plans for their life. Discover 5 key areas that your kids are spiritually attacked and learn how to pray for them and encourage them!

 5 Areas the Enemy Wants to Attack Your Kids

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Area #3: Influences

Our Goal:

We want our kids to be surrounded by those who can influence them toward God’s great purpose for their lives; and we also want our kids to grow to become those people who influence others in powerful ways for the greater good.

The Enemy’s Tactics:

  • Instead of just surrounding our kids with bad influences (he knows that’s too obvious of an approach), he does everything in his power to (subtly) keep the good influences out.
  • He keeps our kids away from God’s word. He keeps us too busy and distracted to influence our kids the way that we need to.
  • He convinces them that truth is relative and not absolute, and therefore, influencing others toward godliness is irrelevant and judgmental against others’ beliefs.
  • He convinces them that they can’t make a difference and that they really don’t have the power the change things anyway, so why even try?

How You Can Pray for Your Kids:

  • Pray for strong, godly influences to surround your kids everyday of their lives
  • Pray for divine protection from negative influences.
  • Pray that your influence as a Christian parent could be a powerful voice that shapes them to make God-honoring decisions.
  • Pray that you would be convicted should you allow anything to distract you from your main priority to be a positive influence on your kids.
  • Pray that God would raise your kids up to be the cultural influencers of the next generation. Pray that godliness and righteousness would dwell so richly in their hearts that God’s hope, peace and love would spill out of them onto every person they encounter.
  • Pray that your kids would become world-changers for God who boldly stand up for the truth, even when it’s unpopular.

Scriptures to Teach:

Deuteronomy 4:9Deuteronomy 11:18-21Jeremiah 15:19Proverbs 22:6Romans 12:1-2Ephesians 4:14-153 John 11;

Additional Helpful Resources:

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