5 Ways Your Kids Are Under Spiritual Attack

Parents, our kids are under spiritual attack! It sounds scary, however WE CAN fight for our kids to be victorious against the enemy’s plans for their life. Discover 5 key areas that your kids are spiritually attacked and learn how to pray for them and encourage them!

5 Areas the Enemy Wants to Attack Your Kids

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Area #1: Self-Worth

Our Goal: 

We want our kids to understand how much God values them, and that nothing or no one can change who they are in Christ.

The Enemy’s Tactics: 

  • He teaches our kids to base their self-worth on their outside appearance, on their accomplishments and on their possessions.
  • He that life is all about them and their pleasure, and that they need to ignore that voice of conviction that tells them the difference between right or wrong.
  • He reminds them of their faults and failures and is quick to condemn our kids for their mistakes.

How You Can Pray for Your Kids:

  • Pray that they will have a deep relationship with God at a young age so that they can learn to hear His voice above the roar of the crowd.
  • Pray that they will be solid and strong in the truth that they are handmade by our Creator on purpose and with a purpose.
  • Pray that they will everyday grow deeper and deeper in the life-changing truth that they are loved by God. 

Scriptures to Teach:

2 Samuel 22:17-20Psalm 61:5Psalm 139:13-18Jeremiah 29:11;  Matthew 10:28-31Ephesians 3:12-211 John 4:9-11

Additional Helpful Resources:

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The enemy is causing so much damage in this next area (Area #2)!

Learn more about how you can pray for your kids against the enemy’s attacks against this key issue… (Click “READ MORE“).


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