How to Get Rid of the Top 10 Stinkiest Home Odors (Naturally!)

Is your family good at creating stink too? Discover practical, natural ways to eliminate smelly kitchen trash, stinky shoe closets, dirty laundry, overpowering pet odors and more as we look at how to eliminate the top 10 stinkiest areas of a home!

how to get rid of pet odors naturally

4) Pet areas

Oh yes, pet odors. We have both cats and dogs in my house, and we’ve found that each species comes with its own stink issues. For the past year we’ve been potty training our puppy so you can imagine the smells that come from that. But I think the worst offenders are the cats and their litter boxes! Holy cow!

Here’s what we do to minimize pet odors in our home:

  • Change a cat’s litter box everyday. This is a part of our kids’ daily chores. They scoop the litter every weekday and then replace it on the weekends. You can even affix a Fresh Wave Fresh Pod on the side of the little box to head off those stinky odors should they get out of control.


natural odor removal home

5) Shoe closet or hall closet

Our home has a downstairs closet under the stairs where we store all our shoes. Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how great it smells in there! Our kids are outside a lot and we raise 4-H animals, so our shoes get smells on them that are, let’s say, quite pungent! Phew!

Two ways we battle the smelly shoe closet:

  • Get 24/7 odor protection. This was the first place I used Fresh Wave in our house. I grabbed an Odor Removing Pack and simply placed it on the closet shelf (and quickly slammed the door because of the smell!). I opened the door again about 30 minutes later and I couldn’t believe that the scent was gone! It just smelled clean.
  • Wash shoes periodically. We keep the soles free from mud clods and dirt/sand. And if I find that a certain family member’s shoes start to stink, I wash them off with water as much as possible and then spray the inside with the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray.


natural home odor removal ideas

6) Home gym or sports equipment

Sweat. Dirt. Lots of it. I think we can all imagine why this can be a stinky home area, right?

Try these techniques to keep your gym area or sports equipment smelling less like a locker room:

Fresh air does wonders. Our gym equipment is in the garage so it’s an unspoken rule that we leave the garage door up when someone’s working out.

Spray down the equipment frequently with a simple vinegar, water, Lemon essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil mix.

When things start to get stinky, we spray the air with the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray. During the hot summer months (or if you live in an especially humid climate) this might be an area where you use the Odor Removing Gel canister.


how to get rid of stinky laundry odors naturally

7) Laundry

Whether you have a separate laundry room or just a closet with laundry baskets, there’s nothing quite like the odor of damp towels that have been left in a locked hamper for several days (just sayin’). Perhaps the only thing worse is when those same towels have been run through the washer and then never got moved to the dryer. In my house, mildew plus stinky towels equals a not-so-nice momma.

Here’s some tips that help us:

  • Find a laundry system that works for your family. Just like the dishes, I believe laundry is easiest (and has less opportunities to be stinky) when it’s made into a routine. There’s several great ideas here on my “Homemaking” Pinterest board on setting up a laundry routine.
  • However, if you do run into a these-clothes-sat-in-the-washer-way-too-long stink, I highly recommend Fresh Wave’s Laundry Booster. This is a product used with your regular detergent to naturally remove those really set-in odors (like stinky, mildewy clothes that sat in the washer). And it works!

UP NEXT: If you have kids, I’m guessing you definitely deal with bad odors in the last three places on our list! Or maybe you don’t… ?


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