How to Develop a Household Cleaning Routine That Works

My Family’s Cleaning Routine

First, I want to share what my family’s household cleaning routine looks like.

We break our chores into daily, weekly and twice-a-year tasks.

Daily Tasks:

Some tasks in our home need to be accomplished every day (and in some cases, more than once a day).

For us, these tasks include dishes (in the morning and afternoon), pet care (feeding, grooming and waste disposal), and general clean-up (we have a 5-minute pickup of the downstairs in the afternoon; and the kids are responsible for cleaning their bedroom areas every morning).

Each of these tasks are built into our daily chore system (which is a whole other post) and are a daily part of our home’s rhythm.

Weekly Tasks:

Instead of planning to vacuum our house every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., we create open spaces in our week where these kinds of activities are possible. For our family, that’s the late afternoons and right before dinner.

We purposely create open times in our schedule a few days a week so that if the bathrooms really need cleaning or we need to tidy up because we’re having dinner guests, we can use that time without it impacting our school day too much.

However, we do make it a point every third Friday to deep clean the whole house. We start first by doing what we call a “sweep”: We work together to literally start in one corner of the house and put away what doesn’t belong. We put ourselves on a timer to keep things moving along, and we follow a simple rule: Put it away, even if it’s not yours.

Next, we divide into two teams: One group tackles the bathrooms and the kitchen; while the other group dusts, vacuums, sweeps and mops. It’s a massive effort, but we can usually get it all done in three to four hours.

Other chores like laundry are done every single week without fail (every month our older boys switch as the main person responsible for this). 

One last weekly cleaning chore: I also move any important kids school papers to their My Memory Box each week. My Memory Box is an incredibly powerful (yet easy-to-set up) organizing system that keeps your kids precious artwork or treasured school memories neat and organized (instead of taking over your house).

I developed this product in order to deal with our own overflowing paper piles, and hundreds of families worldwide use this system! Check it out here.

Moving those papers over once a week really helps keep kids school paper clutter to a minimum.

Once or Twice a Year:

There’s something incredibly satisfying about cleaning out the junk drawer. Or organizing that cabinet in your laundry room that’s been out of control for months. Or getting rid of all those clothes in your closet that you never wear (because they’re too big, too small, don’t make you feel good about yourself, etc).

That’s why once or twice a year we systematically go through our home and get rid of all that stuff that has just cluttered up our home (and our life). We use the principles in this incredible book to help us decide what to keep and what to toss.

Read more about our experience with tidying up (and it’s life-changing power!) here.

What Do Other Families’ Household Routines Look Like?

Miranda at Grace and Gravy shares her suggestions for staying on top of that laundry pile; plus a freebie for organizing all areas of the homestead.

I love Becky Mansfield’s Freed from Clutter! It’s a great book with practical ideas on establishing and keeping a home tidy.

Kristi at Raising Clovers shares her family’s routine along with some great tips.

Do checklists work for helping you stay on top of daily/weekly household routines? Here’s a free daily to-do list from Becky at Tales of Beauty for Ashes.

Here are some other awesome homemaking books that give great ideas too:

I hope you’ve found some inspiring idea here! Remember, just give one of them a shot and experiment until you find something that works for you in this season!

Happy cleaning!

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