How to Develop a Household Cleaning Routine That Works

Want to know how to establish a household cleaning routine for your family… that actually works?

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s talk about some great tips on how to develop a routine to keep your house clean (that is flexible to your family’s busy lifestyle)!

This post isn’t just a list of ideas that you can throw against the wall and hope one of them sticks. I want to help you develop techniques that really will work.

That’s why, before we get to the suggestions and tips, I need to tell you 5 key secrets to creating a realistic household cleaning routine. These simple truths will set you up for success!

Looking for a way to finally find a cleaning routine that works for your family? You'll LOVE the great ideas (and practical tips from lots of moms!) in this post! Perfect for spring cleaning or whenever you need help keeping your home tidy.

5 Secrets to Creating a Household Cleaning Routine (That Works)

1) There is no “one-size-fits-all” household routine.

There are no right or wrongs here. If a certain method works for you, that’s great. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine too.

2) Everyone has different opinions about the what, the where and the how often.

You can decide how often it’s acceptable to clean your bathroom. You can determine the best method for folding and distributing laundry. It’s up to you what aspects of a daily or weekly household cleaning routine are non-negotiable.

Your opinions about what’s “acceptable” may vary vastly from mine. And that’s OK, because I live in my house and you live in yours. Can we give each other freedom here? And on that note…

3) Consider your season and responsibilities when determining “acceptable” household cleaning routines.

If you have young kids at home, you’re in the midst of a very demanding season (not that you needed me to tell you that).  That’s why you may need to lower your expectations of what a “clean” or an “organized” house looks like because of the extra demands on your time.

None of us have perfectly kept houses. We need to stop imagining that “other people” do (and that we just have to get it together more). Stop the comparing and define (with your spouse) what you deem acceptable for this season. And be OK with it. Truly.

4) The household cleaning routine may work for you now, but it may not work later.

Family life is an ever-changing entity. Each family member has needs, involvements and responsibilities that are in a constant state of change.

That’s why household cleaning routines may work for a season, but not forever. Try not to get stuck in discovering a “forever” routine because it won’t happen. Instead…

5) Experiment and try something new.

Try several techniques until you land on one that works for you. And then if it stops working, try something else.

It really is that basic. Just pick something and give it a go! The main point I want to share here is that some routine (even if its an imperfect routine) is better than no routine. 

Feel better? Good!

Now it’s time to discover some fantastic cleaning routine ideas! Click “read more” to be inspired.

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