Homeschool Posts (Continued)

Dealing with the Homeschool Haters (People Against Homeschooling)
I recently spent 4 hours in an airplane listening to the people in the row behind me bash homeschooling. I couldn't[...]
6 Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Help Memory Work Stick for Kids
Kids are really good at memorizing things, aren't they? And that’s one reason why memory work has become a highly[...]
9 Back to School Must-Haves that Boost Kids’ Confidence
Every year, back to school equals a sort of rebirth--a chance to redefine oneself with new clothes, new books and all that[...]
Back to School Overwhelm? You Need These 5 Important Truths
Are you in full back to school preparations? Or maybe you've started school already (gasp!)? Or perhaps you're like me[...]

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Be a Rockstar Mom! 6 Clever Traditions to Start the School Year Off Right
Are you looking for fun ideas to welcome the new school year? Great! Want to be that rockstar mom that[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Planning: Tips and Top Resources for Scheduling Success
Homeschool planning can be one of the most daunting aspects of homeschooling.  Not only do we have to determine what[...]
On a Budget? 18 Ways to Homeschool On the Cheap
Are you on a tight budget like our family? Just like a personal family budget, staying on a homeschool budget can[...]
How to (Easily!) Transition Your Family to a Summer Routine
It's almost the end of the school year and it's so easy to be stressed. Now, I don't mean the type[...]



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Homeschool Confessions: Secrets to a Simply Happy Learning Life
There are days when I look around and think, “Yes. This is the learning life I’ve always wanted.” Not that[...]
100 Fun Summer Arts and Crafts Learning Ideas for Kids
In order to avoid the summer slide, we're all looking for simple, creative ways to encourage summer learning for our kids, right?[...]
Hold On, Homeschool Mama! An Allegory to Inspire You
Are you tired from a long school year? Worn out from pushing and guiding and trudging through homeschooling's ongoing battles?[...]
3 Keys to Easy Scripture Memorization for Kids
I have happy memories of Scripture memorization as a child. Most of the verses I learned at home, one line[...]
Homeschool Not Working? Answers to Your Biggest Homeschool Issues
We're about half-way through the homeschool year. How's it going in your home? Let's face it--sometimes our homeschool is not[...]
When Your Child Needs Help with Math
“Mom, I don’t understand this math problem.” Whether we’re homeschooling or not, it’s something we hear all the time as[...]
Homeschool Confessions: How Homeschooling Brought My Son Back
The day he didn't pull away--that was the day when I knew I had made the right decision about homeschooling.[...]
6 Tips for Teaching Kids About Current Events
As parents, we're given the amazing privilege of introducing our kids to the world. Now that's a mighty job, especially[...]
Yes, You Can Teach Your Child!
At some point in your homeschool journey, I'm guessing you've asked yourself this question: "Can I really teach my child?" While[...]
How to Bring Christmas Into Your Homeschool: Activities & More!
When late fall rolls around, talk of Thanksgiving and Christmas and family celebrations begin. Next, the holiday decorations come out…[...]
When Your Child Has Given His Best (and It’s Not Enough)
What if you notice that a child is making progress in a subject, and yet, you know that it’s still not enough?[...]
Fall Preschool Craft: Leaf Wreath that Teaches Shapes
This fall preschool craft was one of those awesome things that I just happened upon. It was one of those perfect[...]
Help! My Child Hates School
What do you do when your child hates school? That was my painful reality last year at this time. I’m sharing[...]
Homeschool Preschool Simplified
It's my fourth trip down the homeschool preschool lane, and I have to say that this one is the most[...]
Why Your Homeschool Classroom Needs a Learning Activities Station
This post is Part 4 in the “Homeschool Sanity Savers” series. Don’t miss the other posts:  Part 1: Monthly Meal Planning,[...]
‘Twas the Night Before School Started (A Back to School Ode to Homeschoolers Everywhere)
Twas the night before school started, and all through the house Not a child was stirring, not even the one[...]
Three Ways to Save Big on Back to School Supplies
This post is Part 2 of 2 on a series on Back to School Organizing and School Supplies. View Part[...]
Back to School Supplies Inventory: How to Determine What You Have, and What You Really Need
This post is Part 1 of 2 on a series on Back to School Organizing and School Supplies. You can[...]
“Should I Teach My Child Cursive If She Hasn’t Mastered Printing?” (Our Story)
"I want to learn cursive! I want to learn cursive!" Is that something your child is saying too? And are[...]
Homeschool Joy: Here’s the Secret I’ve Discovered
On the toughest days as a mom, the last thing that seems possible is homeschool joy.   I mean, really... joy?[...]