Hold On, Homeschool Mama! An Allegory to Inspire You


The Ravine That Changes Everything

Next we see a raging river (and a huge ravine!) ahead. This is more than just something annoying or difficult–this is a fierce challenge to our expected journey.


Our homeschool journey is now at a standstill.

Maybe unexpected long-term illness invades the family. Or our husband loses his job. Or our one homeschooling friend moves 2 states away.

We are shaken to the core.

Our well-laid plans must be changed and homeschooling seems horrible and hard…. and lonely.

Why, oh why, did I sign up for this? we ask.

We know we have to go forward… but how?

And then, through our tear-laden prayers, we hear a whisper of “I’m still here.”

And as we stop (and really listen to that still, small voice), a new reality emerges, a new vision based in “What if…?”

What if we decide to go around the ravine instead–and climb those mountains?

We’re not abandoning our mission. We’re just getting there by a different route than we expected.

It’s out of the plan. It seems crazy. But it’s our best option and we know it.

We take a deep breath, face a new direction and with move ahead with shaking knees…


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