How I Almost Had An Affair


This guest post is from Rachel Swenson of

Yes, you read that title right: “I almost had an affair.”

It was something I never thought would happen to me. And looking back, it’s difficult for me to talk about.

But I’m here sharing with you about this because I want you to know that it can happen to ANYONE.

Adultery can happen in the best of marriages (even Christian marriages) if we’re not careful.

Adultery: it’s that one big thing that can completely upend a marriage. We hope it never happens to us. We pray that we and our spouse would never face the temptation of infidelity. And yet, it can happen to the best of marriages (even Christian marriages) if we’re not careful. Adultery can blindside us, and if we’re not aware of the warning signs (which aren’t always obvious), the temptation to have an affair can easily devastate entire families. I’m sharing my story here because I want you to know that these lustful temptations are real (yes, even for women) and I want to share with you the warning signs so that you can make wise choices to protect your marriage from adultery.

Adultery is a slippery slope that too many couples have fallen down… and it can happen ONE TINY CHOICE at a time. 

It doesn’t even have to be about sex. In fact, for women, it’s usually not.

It’s about needing emotional connection.

It’s about getting that “thing” that you are lacking in your marriage relationship.

And it’s about believing that someone else has to meet these needs because your spouse no longer can’t.

It’s a scary and very real place, and I want to share my real and raw story here. 


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