18 DIY Natural Household Cleaning Recipes for Every Room


A Few Notes and Tips on the Recipes


Before we delve into the recipes, I wanted to share a few things:

1) Multi-Use. Although a particular recipe may be featured for one area, many of these cleaning recipes can be used in multiple places.

2) Essential Oils-Based. All of these recipes use the power of essential oils (along with a few other key ingredients) to clean and sanitize. Rocky Mountain Oils are my favorite  because their oils:

  • are high quality (read about their testing here),
  • are 100% guaranteed with a 90-day return policy (simply return them if you don’t like them!),
  • are shipped for free
  • can be purchased one at a time and direct from the company (no consultant needed).

I’ve found Rocky Mountain Oils’ staff to also be incredibly knowledgeable and helpful (they wrote the formulas behind the recipes, and I’m linking to them with permission).

3) Other Helpful Supplies. Speaking of links, here’s some links to corresponding supplies you might need for the recipes (think bottles or other containers, etc), along with a few sometimes hard-to-find ingredients.

That’s it for the tips… let’s get to the recipes!


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