How to Have Your Own Family Meal Prep Day (20 Tips Plus A Free Planning Sheet)

Freezer meals are awesome, but boy, do they take a ton of work to put together. Enter our family’s solution: family meal prep day.

Get the whole family to help you make meals in bulk! Discover 20 ways to make family meal prep day possible. Plus a free planning sheet! Vibrant Homeschooling

About once every six weeks, I used to find myself alone in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon as I made 14-20 freezer meals at a time.

The fact was that my family wanted to help, but I (ahem) was more than a little overwhelmed to invite them into my meal-making chaos.

But as the months progressed (and I continued to labor alone on freezer meal prep days), I realized that I was missing a golden opportunity: Here were four kids (and a husband) who were willing to lighten my load. They wanted to learn how to chop and do all those meal prep things. Most of all, they missed me on these days and just wanted to hang out.

That’s when I decided to drop my pride and ultra-high expectations… and Family Meal Prep Day became a regular part of our routine.

I recently wrote a guest post for Meet Penny that shares about our Family Meal Prep Days, including:

  • 4 Benefits of Family Meal Prep Day
  • 20 Tips for a Successful Family Prep Day
  • and a free downloadable “Family Meal Prep Day Planning Sheet.”

Seriously, ladies, once you get into the rhythm of Family Meal Prep Days, you’ll wonder how you ever had homeschooling sanity without them!

You can read the post (and get the free planning sheet) here. 

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