How to Let God Lead Your Homeschool

About 6 weeks ago it became very apparent that homeschool as we knew it was no longer working.

Something had shifted in our kids and our home environment, and suddenly we saw our family and homeschool life limping along instead of walking boldly into the future.

It has been a difficult time of letting go and letting God lead our homeschool.



It was at this moment that my husband and I found ourselves on our knees, boldly confronted with two questions:

  • First, who is in charge of this homeschooling thing (is it really my husband and I)?; 
  • Second, Is our current methodology or way of doing things truly benefitting the kids (even if it is a “good” way of schooling, or even if it was working a few months ago)? 

Answering these two things lead to the most important question:

Are we willing to change things up—even in a dramatic way—should God ask us to?

These are not easy questions to answer… or to (truth be told) face honestly. Because none of us (especially we Type A, organized, planner types) want to admit that we aren’t in control.

But it’s an essential part of Spirit led homeschooling.

Perhaps you’re not facing such a dramatic situation in your homeschool today. I’ve found that most homeschool days are much more even—simply continuing on the path that the Lord has clearly laid out. 

Nevertheless, spirit-led homeschooling is still a part of the everyday. In fact, it is the essential element of the everyday homeschool life.

And that’s what this guest post I wrote for So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler? is about.

In Spirit Led Homeschooling: Choosing the Best (Not the Safest Path), I share more details about our current challenging journey… and how Christian homeschooling is most effective when we surrender all to him–and let Him direct us down the uncomfortable path.

Check it out here.

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