What Do You Do When Your Child Refuses To Do School?

Homeschooling has not been the easiest journey for me. This was especially true in the beginning when my son refused to do school.

We went through a period where my son REFUSED to do school. And this still comes up from time to time. Here's my approach to this common homeschooling situation. Vibrant Homeschooling

Six years ago I found myself in a dark and desperate place. My then six-year-old son was D-O-N-E with school. This child–my oldest child–fussed, argued, cried and just downright fought every attempt I made to “teach” him.

Even a fantastic curriculum (and my overzealous spirit) couldn’t get this boy to do anything that looked or smelled like “school.”

What in the world was going on? Where was this “amazing homeschooling experience” that so many moms spoke of?

But, oh, as I was learning, homeschooling simply isn’t an “A plus B equals C” type-of deal. And I saw that much of the issues we were experiencing were because I was forcing him to fit into this pre-conceived mold that was, in my mind, the one and only way to “do” school.

These hard lessons in the early homeschooling years have dramatically shaped the way we homeschool now. And honestly, the lessons I learned then created in me several heart-shifts that I now attribute as the keys to successfully educating my kids (especially the oldest one, whom we later discovered deals with Asperger’s and ADHD).

Are you in a similar situation with a child right now? Is homeschooling a huge fight?

Today I’m sharing at My Joy-Filled Life about our struggles in this area. Along with more details about my family’s story, this post mentions the 10 suggestions I have for getting through those moments when a child refuses to do school.

You can read the complete post here.

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