Yes, Busy Couples CAN Have Time for Bible Study (Our 7 Tips)

For years, my husband and I wanted to regularly read the Bible together.

But we had no idea where to start.

The biggest issue was time.

We’d maybe read the Bible together and there, but if we got off our planned routine, then suddenly all that guilt set in.

After a while I think we just gave up trying, believing that a regular devotional time together was a “someday” item: you know, someday when the kids were gone and we “weren’t so busy.”

Is it possible for every couple to have this regular time of spiritual intimacy—even those wading through the exhilarating-but-exhausting parenting and career-building years?


I want to share how, yes, you can make couples devotions a regular part of your marriage.

There’s a few essential tips (plus some great marriage devotions!) that will make all the difference!

You want to read the Bible with your spouse. But life is so darn busy! How in the world can it happen? These 7 tips (and 10 amazing devotional resources!) will make all the difference. Couples devotions aren't just for married couples without kids!

Our couple Bible time together became habitual (and powerful) when we finally said—with humble, teachable hearts—“Jesus, we know you want us to be spending time with you together on a daily basis. Show us how to do this within our crazy life.”

This meant that we didn’t commit ourselves to following a strict regimen.

Or to never missing a day. Or to doing it only at a specific time of day.

We’ve kept it open and yet still kept it a priority, continually asking God for wisdom on how to make each day work.

Instead of locking ourselves into a schedule–and tacking on all that guilt when the schedule would fail–we simply kept it a priority and sought creative ways to make it happen within that season.

In fact, we take advantage of seasonal times like Easter to seek spiritual renewal for our marriage.

Right now we’re going through the “We Choose Rebirth” Marriage study and devotional inside the Christ-Centered Easter Marriage Resources.

In only minutes a day, this simple-yet-powerful study allows us to connect deeply with each other and God. The “Just Between Us” questions gently allow us to take a quick “check-up” of the big areas of our marriage and encourage closeness and communication.

Again, it’s only a 12-day study, so it’s totally do-able!

I also love that the Christ-Centered Easter Marriage Resources includes a 12-day prayer challenge. We all know that prayer is important, but this is a great way to start a new habit of prayer for each other.

We’re also looking forward to our post-study date night (the Christ-Centered Marriage Resources includes date night questions)!

We’re loving it! I would highly recommend it for any marriage in any season. Check it out here.




But there’s so much more I want to share!

Check out these 7 tips for making daily devotions a habit…


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