30 Best Gifts to Give Your Husband on Valentine’s Day


9 Genius Valentines Love Note Ideas

P.S. Not feeling especially crafty? Check out the pre-designed love notes in this resource! Easy-peasy.

1) Make this adorable “Today I have loved you for…” card from Something Turquoise! Super cute and there’s a free printable to get you started. It’s intended as a wedding card, but it would make an awesome valentine for your husband!

best gift husband valentine day2) Or what if you each got a little daily “love reminder”? I love this You + Me set from Dayspring that includes a perpetual calendar, journal, love notes and a coupon book set! This set gives several ways to regularly share the love!

3) Did you know that dry erase markers work really well for writing messages on a mirror? It’s a quick way to send a valentines message to your husband, or anytime you want to encourage him.

Check out what happened when my husband and I started a “mirror war” with dry erase messages!


4) Speaking of love messages on a mirror, how about writing “I love you” or another fun Valentine’s message on a steamed-up mirror or shower door? Your secret message will be revealed every time your husband turns on the shower!

5) Here’s a interesting way to send a valentine’s love note to your husband–in a balloon! Love this creative idea from Lauren at the Thinking Closet!

6) How about a series of love notes sent via text? You could send him 20 texts on Valentines Day–one text for each of the reasons why you love him. It’s a great way for him to always have those love messages nearby too!

7) Post it notes are amazingly versatile! Write a quick love message and place it in a book your husband is reading, on his computer screen, or even on the steering wheel of his car.

8) Not feeling inspired? Check out these pre-written love notes here and here that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to let your husband know you love him.

9) Send him on a scavenger hunt with love notes. I have done this many times with my husband and it’s great fun!


And now, I want to share the best Valentine’s gift of all you that can give your spouse…

(hint: It doesn’t cost any money, but it’s infinitely valuable!).

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