30 Best Gifts to Give Your Husband on Valentine’s Day


10 Awesome Date Ideas for Valentines Day

1) Here’s an awesome idea: Plan a DIY weekend marriage retreat for two! This book gives you step-by-step details on how to set it up. Seriously–wouldn’t this be amazing?!? These other resources (such as the Rekindling Your Romance eKit) are sold with it and a are great too!

best valentines gift husband

Or, if you can’t get away for the whole weekend…

2) Cook together at home. What’s your husband’s favorite dish? Or what do you like to cook together? Here’s some top recipes from bloggers all over the web!

3) Go on a walk or hike by yourselves (weather permitting). Extra points if you make a fun picnic out of it too! Here’s a fun, romantic way to bring a meal along to make your outdoor date extra special.

4) Work on a DIY project together (choose something you’d both enjoy!).

5) Visit a museum or see a local play.

6) Grab dessert and drive to a beautiful scenic spot. Or take the dessert home and eat it together in front of the fireplace.

7) Re-create your first date together. Have fun remembering those awkward or awe-inspiring moments! Use a few of the 90 Date Night Questions from this great marriage resource!

best gift husbands valentine day8) Watch one of your favorite movies together. It doesn’t have to be sappy–choose a movie that make you laugh and feel good together! Here’s our favorite romantic movies.

9) Or do the opposite–choose to unplug for the evening (or longer). Create an electronic-free zone after the kids go to bed. Grab a cup of coffee and choose to spend time together chatting (or doing something else–wink, wink!). This book (Rekindling Romance E-Kit) is a great resource, and 50% off!

best valentines gift husband

10) Pull out your favorite board game. We love to play Scrabble or even just card games (here’s a book of great card game ideas).

UP NEXT: Valentine’s Day and love notes go hand in hand! Spice them up with these innovative and fun love note ideas…

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