30 Best Gifts to Give Your Husband on Valentine’s Day


10 Easy Valentines Day Gifts for Him

best gift men valentine day1) Create a quick and easy scrapbook of your favorite memories. I love Montage! With Montage, your photos are automatically placed into a scrapbook lay out. Yes, it’s that simple! It’s a great way to create a scrapbook lickety-split–perfect for busy moms like us, right?! Go here to learn more.

2) Give him a new couples devotional that you can read together.

Here are three of my favorites:


couple picture marriage master bedroom3) Give him custom photo art for home or his office. My husband and I recently redecorated our master bedroom with these incredibly beautiful custom art prints from Minted. Each piece is designed by an independent artist and is of the highest quality (many even have real gold foil to make them shine)!

4) Make “50 ways that I love you” cards. One year I took 50 index cards and wrote one reason on each card why I loved my husband. I punched a hole in the top corner and put them on a metal ring, added a few heart stickers and then colored scrapbook paper. You could even include a few of your favorite photos! Here’s a link to 50 free prints from Shutterfly.


5) Showcase lots of your favorite photos together with Minted’s Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art! What a fun way to display photos from a vacation, anniversary trip or even your wedding!

6) Bake him something sweet-tasting (and looking). On Valentine’s Day, everything tastes sweeter in these cute heart shaped cooking tools! I love this heart-shaped muffin silicone pan, heart-shaped individual silicone cupcake molds, or this sweetheart rose pan.

7) Customize his phone. How fun are these custom iPhone cases from Tiny Prints? These high-impact, sturdy phone cases are a beautiful collage of your favorite photos (see all the designs here).

8) Heat up his morning coffee in a brand new way with these fun photo coffee mugs! Or learn how to DIY a coffee mug here with sharpies (maybe add one of those “just between the two of you” favorite sayings). You can even download customs gift tags for your mug here.



9) Immortalize that special date (maybe your wedding day or the day you met) with this beautiful custom heart map print with your name and date! Don’t you love the detail here?

10) Spice up your love life. One of this site’s most popular posts ever is this one: 65+ Incredible Resources for Better Sex in Christian Marriage. I created this collection of clean intimacy resources (divided by topic) so that all couples can enjoy a better sex life. And what better time to practice your romance skills than Valentine’s Day?


UP NEXT: Date nights are always Valentine’s Day treat! Check out these 10 fun and unique date nights next.

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