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How To Survive the Homeschooling Hard Days

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau of Quick Start Homeschool. It was a rainy morning, the third in […]

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A former college professor, Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau changed careers and became a homeschool mom some 20 years ago. An education junkie and habitual writer, she enjoys sharing national home education trends, research into learning, and nuts & bolts homeschooling tips on her web site, and as a guest contributor to a variety of other sites. Her industry acclaimed book, "Suddenly Homeschooling" revolutionized the market in 2011, showing how anyone can start homeschooling with very little preparation, no matter the motivation, circumstances or budget. Proud to have homeschooled all of her kids from birth, she now supports other families by developing products, coaching parents, and speaking about parenting, education, homeschooling and lifestyle all across the country.