How Acceptance with Joy Can Change Your Life Today

Acceptance with joy seems like such a simple concept, right? Well, at least on paper. That’s because there’s always something we can be angry about, or there’s a trial or tribulation we’re going through!

In these moments Bible verses about joy can feel foreign and far away (even if we know they’re true).

But acceptance with joy can be life-changing. Seriously.

I know because I’ve experienced for myself how this mindset brings transformation to everyday life.

And if we want to live joyfully in this truth, we must slowly change our thought patterns a little at a time until they line up with God’s promises about joyful living.

I want to show you how acceptance with joy can change your circumstances too!

I also want you to start your journey toward welcoming everyday joy in your life.

A powerful, in-depth Bible study about joy is the best way to allow God to plant His seeds of godly joy in our very real and imperfect daily lives.

That’s why I’m offering you a free 3-day sample of the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Resources–where you can welcome godly joy (and acceptance with joy) into your life in under 10 minutes a day!

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Why I’m Choosing Acceptance with Joy (and You Can Too)

The sad truth is that we moms are surrounded by so many opportunities to be depressed, annoyed and angry about our current circumstances.

For example, here are my current challenges that tempt me away from acceptance with joy:

  • I look around my house and see stained carpets that really need to be replaced.
  • I look outside and see that my yard desperately needs a trim.
  • I just watched my preschooler spill strawberry smoothie down his brand new shirt.
  • My husband calls: “Did you forget that we had an appointment together at 10 a.m. with the doctor?”
  • And I sigh as I hear my kids fighting—again—in the other room over that same darn issue.

Our messy family lives rarely reflect the Pinterest-perfect images we see online, and it can seem downright impossible to accept our circumstances with joy!

Our life’s overwhelming imperfections can make us want to lock ourselves in the bathroom for several hours with an extra large, carmel-drenched coffee drink (make mine decaf, please).

So the first thing I want you to know is that I get it. I really, really do.

If you’re feeling stuck in all the frustrations of every day life,  let me help you get off the hamster wheel!

I encourage you to find refreshment and to welcome acceptance with joy by going through an in-depth study on joy and acceptance Bible verses (the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Resources).

Let God’s sweet spirit minister to you and teach you how to learn acceptance with joy.

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Why Choosing Acceptance with Joy Makes All the Difference

It can be extremely difficult to choose joy when our everyday issues seem never-ending and, some days, unbelievably difficult.

But we must. We must.

If we want to experience true freedom and peace, we must deliberately decide–one moment at a time–to let acceptance with joy reign.

And as I’ve shared, allowing God’s truths about joy seep into our heart through a daily Bible study on joy is how I’ve seen my own spirit (and countless others) be changed.

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Give this joy Bible study a try for three days–for free!

Did you download the free resource? Great! Now, let’s talk about the reasons why acceptance with joy is so important and how it can change your life today.

3 Ways Acceptance with Joy Can Change Your Life Too

Let me share 3 simple areas how acceptance with joy can bring real peace to your life, starting right now. I’ve included action items for how you can apply acceptance with joy in this situation.

1) Acceptance with Joy Is a Blessing Through Life’s Transitions

Sometimes there isn’t a 5-step solution to life’s problems. Hard times can be messy and complicated, and sometimes the best thing we can do is accept our challenging circumstances with joy.

Try this to discover acceptance with joy: 

  • Instead of bemoaning the wait, choose to discover what you can learn about yourself and others through the transition. God promises blessings and joy through the trials, so use acceptance with joy to dig deep and look for them!
  • What are your daily thoughts about this difficult life transition? Analyze your regular thought patterns so that, instead of allowing the in-between places to bring frustration, you can discover the rich beauty found through transition.

2) Acceptance with Joy Is a Way to Trust God More Deeply

Jesus taught us much about acceptance as an opportunity for deeper trust in God.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus wrestled with the agony of choosing to go to the cross. He didn’t have to accept that His fate was to be a sacrifice for all. He, being God, had the power to not accept it. But He chose God’s way because although he understood the cost of his decision, he also understood fully the wholeness and perfection that comes with accepting God’s way.

And that’s a lesson for us, friends.

Want to experience acceptance with joy? Ask yourself:

  • If I believe that God is in control of every part of my life, then shouldn’t I accept that what’s happening right now is somehow part of his bigger plan? What purpose is there is fighting and complaining about it, especially if I truly believe that He is in control?
  • How is this difficult experience causing me to trust God more, and thus, bring rich spiritual blessing into my life?

3) Acceptance with Joy Can Be an Awesome Motivator for Change

Acceptance with joy doesn’t mean settling, however. Acceptance with joy can be what spurs us toward change.

In fact, acceptance itself is often the first step to change. We must first accept, “Hey, I’ve gained a bit of weight” before we can be fully committed to a new exercise plan and healthier diet.

If we lean too much on being content with everything as it is, we lose the God-given ability to make much-needed improvement in our lives; and if we focus too heartily on change, then we miss the power of resting in his omnipotence.

It’s a daily–and difficult—tension, but ultimately, acceptance with joy means finding the ability to be content with whatever the day brings and yet still find opportunities for there to be a better way.

Consider this if you want more acceptance with joy:

  • Ask yourself: Am I having a hard time accepting my circumstances with joy because I know that some real changes need to be made in my life?

One Final Truth About Acceptance with Joy

Acceptance can be done as a drudgery—as an “I have to” act. But this isn’t the answer because then we’re simply replacing our frustration over the situation with an obligation to trudge through.

Don’t get me wrong: Acceptance with joy isn’t a natural response (especially when you first start practicing it). You may have to fake-it-till-you-make-it at first.

But eventually the best kind of  acceptance—the kind that brings lasting life and peace—will be found when joy is the source.

My prayer is that you will begin today to let the simple-but-powerful phrase “acceptance with joy” bring new peace and hope to your life!

Discover More with Scriptures About Acceptance with Joy

Can you see why acceptance with joy is so life changing? I want you to really understand this concept and to watch it transform your life too!

That’s why I challenge you to get the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Journal and Guide.

I truly believe these powerful joy bible resources can allow God to change you from the inside out–in less than 10 minutes a day.

Get a 3-day sample of these simple-yet-powerful joy Bible study resources here.

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