The Surprising Secret to Meeting Your New Year’s Goals

I’ve got a surprising word that’s a big part of my New Years resolutions: Acceptance.  

If you’re a (recovering) perfectionist like me, you might be puzzled at first, but then you ultimately understand.

We are really good at getting in over our head with our over-the-top goals, aren’t we? We plan to lose 20 pounds, run 4 miles every morning, start a new side business and learn how to sew. All by February 1.

And yet, when those high aspirations aren’t met (or only a few of these goals are met), we find ourselves crashing down emotionally, perhaps even filled with cynicism and self-hatred.

We wonder, “Why do I even try? What’s the point of this anyway?”

Which is a worse spot to be in than before the goal-setting started. 

If this is you, I want to encourage you now! I have been there, and I still struggle with this.

Let me show you how a bit of acceptance (and realistic thinking) can make all the difference when it comes to New Years goal setting (or anytime you need to set goals). 

I was shocked how this simple word changed my New Years resolution goal setting strategy... finally I was able to meet my goals! You won't believe how this change can help you successfully set goals too!

I want to share 5 concepts that use acceptance to transform our goal-setting plans into completed accomplishments.

Each of these are:

  • incredibly powerful mindsets that will finally set you free to meet your goals
  • easily adaptable to any goals you may set
  • perfect for those of us who deal with perfectionist thinking

Plus, I want to share one of my favorite ways to do goal planning (with acceptance and grace).

I want to help you discover the progress and change you’re looking for! Let’s get started!

This first concept was hard at first, but it has brought so much peace, clarity and success in my goal setting…

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