7 (Easy!) All Natural Popsicles Recipes Perfect for Summer



RECIPE #2: Peaches & Cream Swirl Popsicle

Oh, the loveliness of summertime peaches! And this popsicle captures that amazing flavor in a beautiful swirl of white “cream” and yellow-orange-colored frozen fruit.

The recipe includes a dairy-free option here, but you can always use real cream if you’d prefer the taste and flavor.

lemon--WEBThe essential oil highlighted here? Lemon (yes, lemon!). Lemon essential oil provides that added burst of freshness that brightens up all the other flavors.

You could use a real lemon here, but first, you’d have to have one on hand (and I don’t always have one); and second, you’d have to add quite a bit of lemon juice to impart the same amount of “flavor boost” that the single drop of lemon essential oil provides.

And don’t let the “swirl” part throw you: It only takes one extra step to make the swirl here. Totally doable (and worth it)!

BONUS: Your eight-year-old will be impressed (well, mine was at least).


Cream Mixture:

5 ounces coconut milk (TK)

1 tbsp honey

1 tsp vanilla extract
Peach Mixture:

12 ounces frozen peaches

1 tbsp honey

2 oz cream (dairy or coconut cream)

1/3 cup water

1 drop Rocky Mountain Oils Lemon Essential Oil



Mix the cream ingredients in the Vita Mix blender until fully blended, and then move the mixture to a bowl. Next, mix the peach ingredients in the Vita Mix until fully blended. Then drop a few spoonfuls of cream mixture into each popsicle mold, leaving gaps between each spoonful (the mixture will be a little thick). Pour a little of the peach mixture (straight from the Vita Mix) into the molds. Add a few more spoonfuls of cream mixture and then the peach mixture until the entire mold is filled.

Freeze popsicles without sticks for one hour (meanwhile, soak your wooden sticks). After one hour, insert sticks and freeze an additional 2 hours or more. Enjoy!

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