Tough Mothering Day? 3 Powerful Tips to Turn It Around



It's 8:00 p.m. and, mama, you're tired. You're exhausted by a tough mothering day with no end. We’ve ALL been there. But there’s hope! Here’s how to drag yourself out of the funk and get back to being the mom you want to be!

Tip #1: Celebrate Daily Victories.

Do you have days when you aren’t sure if you accomplished anything? I definitely do! That’s when I pull out a piece of paper and take inventory of the day.

I write down everything we did. Then I go back and mark those things that would not have happened without me there:

•My four-year-old wouldn’t have learned his shapes and colors.

•My son wouldn’t have any clean laundry for soccer practice tomorrow.

•My family wouldn’t have had a home-cooked dinner together.

•My tween would still feel anxious about that friendship dilemma he’s dealing with.

These are important!

At first we may write off these “simple” things, but aren’t these the things that change the lives of the ones we love the most?

We truly are changing the world with our small-yet-mighty acts of service and love to our family.

Every single day, friends.

Yes, mom, we are making a difference, and these daily victories remind us that motherhood’s challenges are worth it.

But how can we have freedom and peace in this midst of these (often very difficult) trials?

That’s what I want to share next (you won’t want to miss this!).


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