3 Minute DIY Peppermint Hot Chocolate (Natural, Dairy Free)

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When I began looking for quick, all-natural, dairy-free DIY Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipes I quickly figured out why I was coming up short.

There were two main problems I found:

First, it’s hard to create that rich chocolate flavor in a short amount of time–especially without using dairy.

Second, peppermint is not the easiest flavor to create, especially in a single cup of hot chocolate.

So that’s when I did some experimenting and came up with these two amazing ingredients that make this 3 minute DIY Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe a true winner.

I know you’ll love them too!

Secret Ingredient #1: Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

coconut-oil-webYes, folks, I said coconut oil (Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite).

The big problem with creating a dairy-free chocolate drink is that every milk substitute used (almond milk, coconut milk, etc) lacks the creamy decadence of dairy that awakens the chocolate flavor needed in a peppermint hot chocolate drink.

In fact, several of my initial attempts with coconut milk (the milk substitute we prefer) and chocolate created a thin, watery drink that was sorely disappointing.

Until I added a little coconut oil.

And then…voila! Yes! There was that great chocolate flavor I was looking for!

Not only did the coconut oil deepen the chocolate taste, it provided an excellent base for physically combining the other flavors in this all-natural peppermint hot chocolate which resulted in a much-better-blended drink.

Secret Ingredient #2: Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint--WEBIf you want the authentic taste of peppermint, there’s nothing like peppermint essential oil to fit the bill!

However, it’s important to use high-quality essential oils (especially if you’re going to be cooking with them). Rocky Mountain Oils is my preferred brand because of the brand’s commitment to safe, quality oils that are reasonably priced (no need to become a distributor–just buy it directly online).

P.S. Peppermint essential oil is something I use over and over in my home! In fact, I’d love to give you a FREE CHEAT SHEET of 11 awesome ways that your family can use Peppermint essential oil everyday!


However, it’s important to know how much peppermint essential oil to use in this recipe because it’s very easy to turn this decadent chocolate flavor into a cup of medicinal-tasting minty-ness if you’re not careful.

And I’m guessing you’re also curious about the other ingredients that make up this DIY Peppermint Hot Chocolate yumminess, right?

Sure thing! I can’t wait to give you all the secret details behind this incredibly easy, all-natural peppermint hot chocolate recipe!

The recipe and step-by-step instructions are right here! CLICK NEXT to see it….



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