130 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

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77) Choose to think the best of him.

78) Watch a sports game with him and cheer on his favorite team.

79) Stop expecting him to meet all your needs.

80) Look into his eyes for 10 seconds and smile.

81) Hold hands while watching TV.

82) Take a bath together.

83) Watch/listen to a comedian together.

84) Make dinner together.


85) Wear an outfit you know he’ll love.

86) Work on a DIY house project together.

87) Go on a hike.

88) Share one dream you have for your marriage.

89) Play his favorite song.

90) Walk behind him and playfully grab his bottom.

91) Share a joke.

92) Say yes to making love (on a day when you’re too tired).


93) Stop for a long kiss.

94) Plan a surprise date.

95) Run your fingers through his hair.

96) While in public, catch his eye and mouth “I love you”.

97) Wink at him from across the room.

98) Hop in the shower together.

99) Create a DIY stress balm (using Peace and Quiet essential oil blend) for him to use on his toughest days.

100) Offer to share a blanket together and snuggle.

101) Get his morning coffee for him.

102) Secretly hold hands while at dinner.

103) Surprise him by initiating physical contact that leads to making love.

104) Read a book out loud together (here’s a list of some great books).

105) Sit outside and share about the day (read about how we love our daily 15 minutes in our porch swing).


106) Go on a double (or triple) date.

107) Watch a romantic movie together.

108) Run an errand for him.

109) Give him an unexpected hug.

110) Choose to not get angry (even when you have a “right” to be angry).

111) Offer to watch the kids so he can have a night with the guys.

112) Say please and thank you.

113) Flirt (here are 16 ways!).

114) Write him a poem.

115) Learn massage techniques and give each other a massage.


116) Start a “love journal” (an ongoing journal where you can write messages back and forth).

117) Clean his cell phone screen for him.

118) Train for a 5K (or other big physical challenge) together.

119) Choose to not talk badly about him with your friends.

120) Open the door for him.

121) Play a sport together.

122) Go to a concert together.

123) Let him sleep in longer than you.

124) Plan a picnic.

125) Encourage him with a scripture (here are 18 verses on joy).

126) Create a scavenger hunt with post-it notes.

127) Plan a romantic dinner date (at a nice restaurant, or even in your home!).


128) Tell him he looks handsome today.

Infographic--130-Ways-to-Say-I-Love-You-to-Your-Spouse129) Watch his favorite television series together.

130) Make him a snack after a hard day of work.

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Remember, here are some fun ways to use the list:

–Choose 30 things from the list and do 1 thing everyday for the next 30 days

–Give a copy of the printed cheat sheet list as a gift to a newly married couple

–Use 3 or 4 of these ideas as a fun Valentine’s Day surprise

–Print out the list (get a printable download here) and cut each into strips. Pull out one a week and plan to make it happen.

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