12 Ways to Bust Your Homeschool Budget

Today’s post begins a week-long look at all things curriculum!

I’m going to be sharing about our tried-and-true, all-time top curriculum picks in several different subject categories, along with any great resources we’ve found.


We’ll be talking about the following topics:

Wow! Totally excited about this!

But first… before we get into any sort of conversation about curriculum, I thought you’d appreciate a fun little twist on a conversation that goes hand-in-hand with talking about curriculum: staying on budget.

Ah, yes… that old taskmaster. Are you guilty of any of these? I know I am!


So without further ado, I give you:

Top Twelve Ways to Spend As Much On Your Homeschool Budget As Possible

12) Remind your kids that they have cooties and aren’t allowed to share books.

11) Never use the library. Ever. (Cooties, remember?)

10) Never take advantage of curriculum bundle sales.

9) Purchase the teacher’s guide for each subject. And all the supplemental guides (in every color). Plus the answer keys from last year’s edition.

8) Tell your friend, “No, I don’t need to borrow your curriculum! Are you silly?”

7) Run the other way when you see a used book store. Those places are lethal.

6) Ignore that big pile of half-used (and unused) curriculum in your hall closet.

5) Never buy those “scratch and dent” versions of your favorite curriculum! Your kids need books without any creases or marks whatsoever (especially since you know they’ll keep them that way all year).

4) Plug your ears when you hear about cheap field trips.

3) Sales and coupons? Bulk discounts? Free shipping? Why in the world would you need those?

2) When walking the floor at a homeschool convention, hand your credit card to the person at each curriculum booth and say, “I’ll take it. All of it.”

1) Never, ever take your kids outside! Talk about a place to get a free education! Yikes!

Hope you enjoyed that little chuckle. And by the way, I excerpted that little list from the brand-new subscriber freebie The Ultimate Resource Kit for Homeschool Moms e-book. Be sure to download it, if you haven’t already.

Come on back tomorrow for our first post in this series: Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Teaching Tools!

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