How to Sell Crafts Online (A Great Idea to Make Extra Money!)

Ever thought about selling crafts online? People are successfully doing it everyday (why not you?)! Here's REAL advice and tips from an online marketer (and mom)!

10 Top Tips for Successfully (and Happily!) Selling Online:

1) Create something you love making.

You’re going to be making this product a lot… and over and over. Choose an item that not only is fairly simple to make, but one that isn’t a drudgery. I can’t stress this enough! Love what you make or don’t make it!

2) If creating a physical product, consider shipping size and mailing costs.

This can be a huge obstacle to business! For my craft business, my most well-loved items were huge large framed pieces which sold well at in-person events but not so well online for one reason–shipping costs were ridiculous! Always consider the shipping factor when selling online.

3) Be willing to serve your customers’ needs.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization. Treat them well and they’ll treat you well. Enough said.

4) Be willing to change with the market demands.

That amazing handmade product you’re selling today may not be hot two months from now. Stay abreast of the latest trends in your niche and be willing to change things up if needed.

5) Invest in quality photography.

There’s nothing, nothing, nothing like the power of a good photo. Think about it: This is the only time that a customer will be able to see what your product looks like before they (potentially) choose to have it in their home!

how to sell crafts online--ideas to make extra money

how to sell crafts online--ideas to make extra moneyPhotos allow the customer to make an immediate emotional connection (good or bad) with your work.

What are some great photo tips? The photo must first of all have great lighting so as to create an accurate representation of the product’s colors and unique attributes. You’ve done all this work in creating your one-of-a-kind product, and a clean, high quality, well-lit image will give your work the best chance at selling.

Again, if you’re serious about selling crafts online, I would highly recommend Shotbox to help you create those invaluable product shots you need.

In fact, I use Shotbox now even as a blogger! Here’s an image where I used Shotbox for photos of a recipe blog post:



Shotbox made that peppermint chocolate smoothie look amazing!

Here’s the best part about using Shotbox–your use your smartphone to take the picture. Yes–that’s right–no fancy camera required!

You take the photo by holding the phone in your hand; by laying it on top of the box and shooting through one of the holes in the top; or by positioning the phone on the Shotbox Sidekick (a stand that hangs on the front of the Shotbox).

Check out this video:

There are many, many uses for this affordable at home lighting studio, but the applications here for how to sell crafts online are incredible.

6) Write comprehensive product descriptions that use hot key words.

Words are powerful! Use bullet points to not only convey the essential elements of your product (size, color, options, use), but consider what benefits the product gives. How does this product solve a big need that your customer has? Include hot SEO keywords in your descriptions to further drive traffic.

7) Consider soft-selling avenues such as blogging.

You are an expert in making your product, and people love to hear insider tips or even more info about the artist itself (depending on the product). Starting a blog with the direct purpose of giving advice on a topic related to your product helps establish you as a expert and gives you another way to draw your customer in.

8) Don’t be afraid to invest in your business.

Every business requires essential tools (such as a Shotbox for great product photos or a jewelry making tools if you’re making necklaces, for example). Consider these as important elements of your business plan. It’s like that old adage: Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

9) At the same time, watch your expenses (especially at first).

It’s tempting at first to buy absolutely everything that might make creating your product easier. But, using that example of homemade aprons, do you really need that high-end sewing machine just yet, or can you get by on your faithful Singer model that’s been working for years?

10) Believe in your talent and go for it!

God has gifted each of us with incredible talents and has given us a unique purpose! You have something amazing that you can share with the world! Believe in that gift and pursue your dream!

One Final Plug for Great Photos

Seriously, if you want to sell crafts online, I can’t state enough why Shotbox is an essential marketing tool. You need great photos and Shotbox is an excellent tool for helping you create them!

how to sell crafts online--ideas to make extra money

Find out more about this amazing tool here.




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Ever thought about selling crafts online? People are successfully doing it everyday (why not you?)! Here's REAL advice and tips from an online marketer (and mom)!
FTC Disclosure: I was compensated by Shotbox for my time in writing this piece. However, all opinions stated here are 100 percent mine, and I was not required to post a positive review. In fact, I first discovered this product on my own at a convention and was super excited about it then!

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