How to Sell Crafts Online (A Great Idea to Make Extra Money!)

Ever thought about selling crafts online? People are successfully doing it everyday (why not you?)! Here's REAL advice and tips from an online marketer (and mom)!

5 Important Business Tips for Selling Crafts Online:

1) What will you sell?

Is there a market for this item? Do your research for what types of crafts people want to buy online. Consider working backwards: start by identifying a need in the marketplace (Google keyword searches are great for this) and then think about how you could meet that need.

2) If the item currently exists, how many other people are also selling that item?

What can you offer that will make your item stand out from the rest? For example, when I sold crafts online, I created unique, personalized art pieces that were tailored for each customer. At that time, there weren’t any other companies providing this unique service. I found that people appreciated having a one-of-a-kind art piece in their home that was not only beautiful but affordable.

3) How much are people paying for that item?

Based on your product cost (what it would cost you to buy the materials to make the products), could you charge a competitive price? Don’t forget to consider all the costs here, including shipping and packaging.

4) Where will you market it online?

There are more traditional online craft sales venues such as Etsy, but depending on your product, you may also consider niched locations like Zibbet, Handmade Artists, Uncommon Goods, Aftcra, or Hyena Cart. You may even consider creating your own store in Shopify and driving traffic to it.

5) Can you display it well?

This is the game-changer for anything sold–online or in person. You may have a beautiful product, but if you can’t capture the essence of the product in a great photo, then people will never understand how great your craft really is!

I mentioned before that my biggest problem (and one of the reasons why I had to quit my online craft/home decor business) was because I had a hard time getting the product images right.

That’s why I highly recommend Shotbox–an at-home lighting studio that’s ideal for online marketers.

how to sell crafts online--ideas to make extra money

Instead of having to purchase a fancy camera and studio lights (which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars!), place your item inside the Shotbox, and the item will be perfectly lit for your photo (see the photo above!).

Shotbox is a no-brainer investment for anyone selling items online! You need it to take high-quality photos of your products!




But what about the how? How does the selling actually happen? 

Let’s talk 10 more tips. This is the nitty gritty of how to happily and successfully sell crafts online (that no one else will tell you!)

If you’re going to start an online business, you want to do it right! Don’t miss these tips (click next)!


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