How to Sell Crafts Online (A Great Idea to Make Extra Money!)

You love crafting, and you want to make money selling crafts online, right?

It’s totally possible! In fact, before I became a blogger, I used to sell crafts online! It was a very fun and rewarding business.

However, in order to be successful, there are some important “dos” and “don’ts” that no one will tell you about.

I’m sharing the inside scoop here!

Ever thought about selling crafts online? People are successfully doing it everyday (why not you?)! Here's REAL advice and tips from an online marketer (and mom)!

Once upon a time (before I entered the blogging world) I owned a small online business where I designed custom home decor and sold it on my Etsy shop (and in person).

It was a great creative outlet for me as a mom of lots of little ones. And yes, I helped support my family doing it.

One of my biggest challenges, however, was taking quality photos!

Have you ever tried to get just the right lighting on something?! Even if you can eliminate everything in the background, there’s always some weird shadow somewhere. Ugh!

How do the “professionals” do it? They have a well-paid photographers, fancy cameras and the perfect studio lights–three things completely out of reach for 99% of people!

ShotBox-adHowever, people expect professional, well-lit photography online because, let’s face it–this photo is the only image they have of your beautiful item!

That’s why if you’re selling anything online, you need a Shotbox–an affordable, portable lighting studio that gives you that perfect professional lighting, without having to have a professional camera or professional studio lights!

I didn’t have a Shotbox back when I was selling crafts online. And let me tell you–it would have solved this big dilemma for me!

Shotbox makes professional-quality photography available to anyone. You just place your item inside the Shotbox, turn on the lights and use your cameraphone to take an image.




So now you know the importance–and the secret!–to creating killer photos of your items.

Don’t miss these 4 other truths these truths will make or break your success as an online marketer!


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