9 Tips For Raising Kids Who Change the World

Do you know these 9 awesome tips for raising kids that change the world? Vibrant Homeschooling

We have a phrase floating around our house that we ask our kids: “What are you going to do to change the world?”

And we mean it.

Do you know these 9 awesome tips for raising kids that change the world? Vibrant Homeschooling

We want our kids to dream big dreams with us. We want our home to be a place of imagining, creating and exploring. If dreams are where all plans begin, then dreaming is the impetus of great innovators and leaders.

Do you know these 9 awesome tips for raising kids that change the world? Vibrant Homeschooling

And wouldn’t you agree the world needs more innovators and leaders? People who fearlessly and passionately pursue a goal to improve or better a situation? Isn’t that the real goal of our parenting?

Do you know these 9 awesome tips for raising kids that change the world? Vibrant Homeschooling

I am by no means an expert in this subject, but here are some general principles we try to maintain with our kids:

  • Slowly, and as age dictates, introduce them to the problems of our age
  • Build in them a strong moral foundation and a desire to do the right thing
  • Be their champion in all things and at all times
  • Believe in their dreams and help them pursue their passions



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These are the commitments my husband and I have made to our kids. How about you? How do you encourage your kids to change the world? Let’s share some ideas for how to practically make these happen. 

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About Alicia Michelle

As a wife and mom to four passionate kids, Alicia Michelle loves encouraging other moms with practical tips for joy-filled living in everyday life, especially in parenting, marriage, faith and health.Alicia is the owner/editor of Your Vibrant Family; the author of Plan to Be Flexible, The Back to School Survival Manual; and the creator/producer of the "7 Days to a Less Angry Mom Online Video Course,", Christ-Centered Christmas Resources and My Memory Box Organizing System. In addition, she is a monthly contributor for several popular family blogs, including Crosswalk.com.Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Sybil Brun - February 4, 2015 Reply

This is fantastic Alicia! You may enjoy the Make A Difference Mondays facebook group and our coordinating linkup to share your posts : ) If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/654000968019361/ http://www.shelivesfree.com/2015/02/chriskyleday.html

    Alicia Kazsuk - February 4, 2015 Reply

    Sybil, thank you for your encouragement! I actually just submitted another post to your Make A Difference Mondays group, but I will submit this one too! 🙂 Have a great day!

Dawn Boyer - February 5, 2015 Reply

Great reminder, Alicia, to live beyond the comfort of the every day and challenge our children to touch destiny. We talk about these things at our home, too. Homeschooling provides many opportunities to have these deep conversations, and I am thankful for the chance making that lifestyle choice provided for our own family.

I have to say that I smiled as I read your sidebar. “Plan to be Flexible”.. I wish I had read that when I started homeschooling, it may have saved many tears. 🙂 I learned the hard way.. the real life meets the road way.. about flexibility and home education, but I wouldn’t change it either. We have learned so much.

I will say, though, that one thing we have come to.. that all those books and conferences didn’t really say is that it is ok when things don’t GO as you planned. It is ok if it doesn’t look as you thought it may, and it is ok to be human. We want our kids to know that too. We want them to be life changers who embrace the humanity in the heart of the vessel they are serving and be an extension of Christ loving them right where they are.

We have learned that in our opportunities to witness real life, we are showing our children the grace and faithfulness of of a God who loves them immeasurably and how much better to let them imitate the art of grace as they serve through those life lessons while we are there with them.


    Alicia Kazsuk - February 5, 2015 Reply


    Thank you for taking the time to write such poignant thoughts about this piece. I think you’re right–we do have to hold in a delicate balance the tension between encouraging our kids to “touch destiny” (love how you put that!) and to be content with being ENOUGH as a child of the living God (no matter what He allows them to experience in life). Yes, God is so incredible in that He uses everyone no matter where they are, and no matter how many times they feel they’ve “messed up.” To our family, being a world changer doesn’t necessarily mean being famous or well-known for your actions. It simply means teaching kids to always be asking God, “How can I accomplish your great and wonderful purposes in my life, in this moment?” It’s reminding them that God has gifted them with the power to change the world–His power flowing through them to accomplish both the hidden and the known to the outside world. I think ultimately it’s about teaching them that they have God-given purpose in every season, and to not be afraid to step out and walk in that for His glory. 🙂 Blessings to you as well today!! 🙂

Leah Courtney - September 9, 2015 Reply

I think this is great. As our four kids have gotten older- two teens now- I’ve learned that the two most important things are to teach them to think critically and to communicate. We are always talking, talking, talking and analyzing and discussing. 🙂

    Alicia Michelle - September 9, 2015 Reply

    Yes, Leah! Exactly! I completely agree! I think there’s this great thing that happens when we just take the time to hang out with our kids and open up discussions. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

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