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rhythm: Guiding Your Family to Their Ideal Learning Flow Online Video Course

The “rhythm: Guiding Your Family to Their Ideal Learning Flow” course explores the “beautiful grey area” between the black-and-white extremes of “scheduled” and “unscheduled” learning, and introduces you to what Alicia Michelle calls “rhythm-based homeschooling.”

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Thank you for your interest in the “rhythm” course! Registrations are now closed. We will re-open registrations in early summer 2016.


Why Is Course Registration for “rhythm” Closed Right Now?

Great question! Although “rhythm” participants have lifetime access to course materials and can go through the course at their own pace, we’ve found it best for both the instructor and participants if registration is only open for certain times of the year. One of the great benefits of the “rhythm” course is the “rhythm” private Facebook group where participants can share insights together (and receive feedback from “rhythm” course instructor Alicia Michelle). This feedback and communication works best when most course participants are going through the material at the same time. So, although “rhythm” participants don’t have to be a part of the Facebook group and can move at a different pace than the Facebook group, overall, we’ve found the course experience is greatly enhanced when everyone can begin and progress through the material at roughly the same time.

Here’s More Info About the “rhythm” Course:

For years, I was convinced that a “perfectly-run homeschool day” existed and that I was the problem.

So I spent many days spinning my wheels–plagued constantly by the conviction that if I only tried harder, pushed my kids harder, or used the right planning software or spreadsheet that I would reach the ubiquitous, harmonious state of calm-and-peacefully run homeschool days.

When all my planning methods failed me, I went to the other extreme and threw my homeschooling schedule out the window, giving my kids full reign over their days to learn as they wished. While I’d seen this work for some, it sent my family into a tailspin, left my days feeling even more out of control and made me wonder if we’d ever reach those perhaps unpleasant but necessary parts of education (higher math or English Grammar, anyone?).

However, it finally dawned on me–after many unsatisfying days and even more desperate prayers–that there was no possible way that I could create a constant, hour-by-hour scheduling puzzle that perfectly accounted for (and organized) all that we wanted to accomplish each homeschooling day.

But a rhythm—an identifiable pattern that had a fairly consistent beat—that was possible.

The “rhythm: Guiding Your Family to Their Ideal Learning Flow” course explores this “beautiful grey area” between the black-and-white extremes of “scheduled” and “unscheduled” learning, and introduces you to what I’ve called “rhythm-based homeschooling.”

Rhythm-based homeschooling allows for key “pillars” to give framework to a day, but it gives enough space between these pillars to allow for spontaneity and the realities of family life. In short, rhythm-based homeschooling offers a realistic, customizable mindset that brings freedom and peace back to home-based learning.

My goal with the “rhythm: Guiding Your Family to Their Ideal Learning Flow” course isn’t to get you to follow my specific learning method or teaching style. You won’t find a list stating “this is what your day should look like” because, really, you are the expert on that, not me!

Through a series of three online video classes and three corresponding At-Home Discovery Packets, the “rhythm” course introduces you to some key concepts and then allows you to discover how these concepts play into your family’s unique, ever-changing rhythm. And all of this happens:

  • in a comfortable setting (your home);
  • an ideal timeframe (when your schedule allows); and
  • at your own pace (whatever that may be).

Class 1: Rhythm-Based Homeschooling Defined

Class 2: The Science Behind Rhythms

Class 3: The Art Behind Rhythms: Navigating the Focused (but Messy) Learning Journey

Specifically, we will discover:

  • How to create structure without being stifled by a rigid schedule
  • Tips on tackling those “wrecking balls that disrupt your daily homeschooling rhythm
  • How to know when your child’s rhythm is changing (and what to do about it)
  • Ways to welcome free-form learning (without it taking over your day)
  • The secret to goal-setting (while still allowing room for real life)

The course utilizes a three-step approach for each class session:

Step 1: Watch Video

Each class first introduces the material via an online, approximately 20-minute, Power-Point-style video presentation. Here’s a snippet from “Class 3: The Art Behind Rhythms: Navigating the Focused (but Messy) Learning Journey”:

Step 2: Complete Packet

Next, youll complete that class At-Home Discovery Packet.These incredibly introspective, life-changing exercises, charts and resources are the true meat of the course!  Click here to download a preview of the “rhythm” At Home Discovery Packets..

Each packet allows you to deeply analyze and apply the class information, thereby developing customized small shifts that are tailored to your family and your situation.

Step 3: Process and Connect

How does the learning go from paper to practice? That’s where the processing step comes in.

Everyone processes differently. For those that enjoy bouncing ideas off of others and gaining feedback, “rhythm” offers lifetime access to a private Facebook group. This is a wonderful place to set goals, share dreams and even encourage others.

However, most importantly…since learning can also be a slow and messy process (that can’t always fit in a specified timeframe), “rhythm” participants are given lifetime access to all course materials! That means that you can come back to these resources again and again as you need them!

Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to be comfortable with making this investment in yourself, your family and your homeschool. So be sure to take a look at the sample class video and to download the “rhythm” At-Home Discovery Packet Preview “; and learn a little about me.

  • Note: While this is not a course exclusively for Christians (and is in no way an in-depth Bible study), I want to let you know that it is taught from a biblical perspective and we do mention scriptural truths from time to time. I’m telling you this upfront because I want you to feel comfortable with the course and to understand where I am coming from before you decide to participate. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me at yourvibrantfamily@gmail.com

Once you’ve become a participant, if you are not happy with the course and do not feel that I delivered exceptional quality, you can request a 100% full refund within 15 days of purchase.

Join Us!

It is possible to have peace, joyand rhythm!in an ever-changing homeschool day. Join us and discover how to guide your familys natural learning flow!

I’m excited to have you with us!

Alicia Michelle

Founder/Editor of YourVibrantFamily.com

Creator/Course Instructor for “rhythm”